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   Chapter 230 Iris Lost Her Temper

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6591

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"Then today's news...... I mean this method is so old. I don't know whose method it is? " There were only two suspects in Gail's heart. One was Julie and the other was Lily. But considering that James was not happy with these two people, Gail looked at him and asked softly.

James knew Gail would ask, but he didn't know how to say, because he couldn't find out who it was this time. It seemed that all the news had been cut off, and there was no trace of it at all. However, it's just those people. He could guess roughly, but he just didn't know for sure. James handed over the task to Kevin and believed that he would give the answer soon.

James had no choice but to comfort Gail and tell her the truth, "I have found out no clue about the news, but there will be results in a few days. I'm afraid that someone has used a delaying tactic..."

A plot to gain time in order to complete defense! Suddenly, a person popped into James' mind. He had been very busy these days. If Julie had done it, she would definitely not have the ability to cut off all the sources, and the investigation wouldn't be fruitless. Lily was fifty percent chance, but he knew that Hank had a face-to-face confrontation with Daniel recently, and Daniel had no regard for personal feelings. Fortunately, Hank was there.

Now James was sure that the reason why Daniel suddenly opposed him was only the family interests and Cherry. And these two reasons didn't conflict at all, because Cherry, who said she quit, texted him yesterday and James' intuition told himself that it was Daniel who did it!

James immediately stood up and said to Gai as he took out his phone, "sit down and I'll make a call first."

Seeing that he suddenly stopped talking, Gail knew what he had thought, so she nodded and said, "go ahead."

It seemed that there was something hidden about this matter. It didn't matter whether she asked or not. As long as James wanted to tell her, he would give her an explana

with a troubled look.

"Okay, I know you won't come back tonight, so we won't leave the door for you. Bye, have a nice evening!" Iris deliberately lengthened the last few words, which were self-evident!

"Go ahead. I'll talk to you about your happiness some other day! Don't be so cocky. We are about the same! " Then Gail hung up the phone.

Looking at the phone, Iris felt a little sad. In fact, her happiness was far away. Iris knew that love was a very difficult thing. She read a book that love was a deep fantasy. This sentence made her like waking up from a dream. Perhaps, love was such a simple feeling. It was all from the paranoid fantasy, and that was all.

Iris didn't know if the relationship between her and Jackson could be counted as love. But for herself, Iris regarded their relationship as love, because in her heart, she liked him and loved him. As for Jackson, it might be a mystery or a one-sided play for Iris, but she was satisfied. When the show was over, she would leave alone. Jackson played a supporting role in her love, and she served as a spice to his life.

Fortunately, they are just friends. Otherwise, the identity was not clear, was the greatest sadness of love.

Gail didn't know who James had called. When he came back, he just smiled and went home after dinner.

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