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   Chapter 229 The Mysterious Grandfather

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6761

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James remembered that Gail's face was always clean, except for the light colored lipstick. It seemed that she hadn't put on makeup. He smiled dotingly and said, "well, my wife is born beautiful. She doesn't need makeup."

"Nonsense. I'm hanging up." Gail put on her shoes in a hurry. She didn't know if he was praising her or saying that she didn't care about her image.

James, who had been busy all day, felt relaxed when he waited for his beloved woman downstairs. Everything he did was worth it.

Gail did come down soon, but James felt something was wrong when he saw her bright face and bright smile. Gail's cheeks were more radiant, her lips were ruddy, and her eyebrows and eyes were more exquisite. After a long time, James said gently, "have you put on makeup?"

Gail smiled sheepishly, "no, this is called 'no makeup'. I put on a little BB cream, a little lipstick and a little eyebrow. Is it a makeup?"

James nodded, "well, maybe. I don't know. After all, I'm just a man. If I wasn't your husband, I'm sure I can't see that you've been quietly grooming your face Sure enough, my wife is a natural beauty. In fact, I can recognize her at a glance when she is wearing makeup. "

Gail didn't expect him to say so. "How did you find it out?"

James smiled mysteriously, "eyelashes, skin, and smell are obviously different from my wife's. It seems that she is wearing a dress, of course I can see it."

"…… "How should Gail discuss this with a man.

Gail had something more important to ask James, so she took him out of the school.

It was already dusk and Gail hadn't eaten yet.

"James, you haven't told me that you don't even have time to text me the whole day. I'm worried about you. "They are sitting in a Chinese restaurant. Gail anxiously looked at him who looked indifferent.

James smiled and gently stroked the back of her hand. "I just dealt with an emergency news, but it's settled now. What's more, it's true that the child of Lily is not Noble's. We have saved the child and will t

o soon. Today, two people suddenly came to help me. After I asked them again and again, they implied that they were Andrew's people. Andrew transferred the most powerful people around him to me, and said that the two people would belong to me in the future. At first, I didn't pay much attention to it. But later, they quickly made several calls and investigated some data. Then I received a clean message about the news disappearing from the website. I've been busy all morning and spent a lot of money on it. But they solved it in half an hour. I guess the reason why Lily couldn't get along with Andrew and wanted to kill him was more complex than I know. " James' eyes were as deep as the stars, and he was lost in thought.

At present, he wouldn't let Gai know more about the truth. The truth was often more realistic and dark. It was not so perfect and she was not suitable to know. James also had his own selfish motive, hoping that the girl who had just graduated could slow down to know the truth. Gail needed time, and James needed time to let her know everything.

They were people who lived in half darkness and half-light. They had gradually gotten used to it. But Gai wasn't. She just lived in pain and loneliness and couldn't be too anxious. What Gail had seen was enough for her to digest slowly. They would talk about it later.

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