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   Chapter 227 Rumors Spread All Over The World

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6734

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Iris leaned on Sherry's shoulder and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. She joked, "Oh, my God! It's not easy for Gai to find someone who is good to her. I'm relieved no matter whether he has money or not. Now I finally understand why so many people like Gai. Alas, when can I have my own love! Sherry, is love so difficult, I don't know whether I like that man or not. " Iris cried and laughed under the influence of alcohol.

Sherry gently patted her on the shoulder. In fact, they were all free tonight. "Iris, you've grown up. Don't be obsessed with the soap opera any more. The reality will always be worse than the soap opera. If you believe him, you will suffer in love!" Sherry leaned against Iris' head and felt a lump in her throat. The emotions would be affected. Sherry also suddenly felt how difficult it was to grow and separate.

With a smile on her face, Mary huddled on the sofa with them. Holding them in her arms and said, "you two are so sentimental. I also want to fall in love. In fact, I didn't tell you that I had ended my relationship on the Internet in a hurry. "

"What? We didn't notice that you were in love. " After wiping off her sadness, Iris sprang up from the sofa in surprise when she heard Mary's words.

"I knew it! hem, I know you have a story. Tell me the truth! Sherry held back the tears in her eyes so that no one could see her depression.

However, Mary didn't show any sadness on her face. Lying on the sofa with a smile, she said, "it's just an online love story. How could you know it. Although it has lasted for a long time, we have seen each other for a few times. We broke up recently. "

Mary closed her eyes and smiled. Iris exchanged a look with Sherry, waiting for Mary to go on.

"In fact, there is nothing to be sad about. After all, we only rely on those words to support each other on the Internet. If there is a robot or a smart software, I may fall in love with the person who cares about me without knowing it. I thought it was ridicul

eep in his arms.

However, the storm seemed to be faster and fiercer than she knew. When Gail was about to receive it, they rushed in front of her unexpectedly.

On the second day, Gail saw the news about the wife of the chairman of the CG Group, which was slander and negative news.

Gail looked at the news and had to admire the ability and means of those people. They actually turned over the photos of her saying goodbye to Hoyle at the airport a long time ago. And the fact that she had been confessed in the campus was misunderstood as her unclear relationship with other boys now, the news said that she was misbehaving.

Again, the news media were always the most harmful and the most influential means. After Melissa and Lisa leaving, no one knew who was confronting Gail now.

Gail sat in the library and waited for James' call. She didn't know his attitude.

After a while, she found that the news made up on the website had disappeared, and occasionally some reposted and pieced together. In less than an hour, Gail calmly observed the changes on the Internet, and all the rumors about her disappeared.

However, Gail didn't expect that the first phone call her received was from Jackson.

She picked up the phone and heard Jackson's anxious voice, "are you okay? James is busy with this. He asked me to call you. "

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