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   Chapter 226 Tears After Graduation

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6512

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James was suddenly amused by her, and his originally tense mood was swept away by her coquetry.

But he pretended to be serious and said, "It's good that you know it. Your protest is ineffective. You have to report it when you drink."

"Yes, sir!" Gail smiled and bent over.

After a short while, she saw that James walked towards the barbecue stall.

She stood up and ran to him. She was surprised that he could find her.

"How do you know I'm here?" When she saw him, she couldn't hide her smile.

He looked at the shadow of a tree not far behind him and said, "You may not notice that there are bodyguards around you."

"What? Bodyguards?" She didn't expect that he would secretly send someone to protect her. The bodyguards didn't get off work when she was together with her roommates. And they didn't notice that. She looked back in surprise, but she still didn't see clearly where bodyguards were.

"Stop looking. I know you can't recognize them. Don't say that I'm too strict with you. It's a critical moment recently. I'm afraid that Lily will do something. Be careful." He was afraid that she would think too much, so he explained to her.

"Come on, do you want to have some barbecue? The barbecue here is very delicious. You don't have to worry about the hygiene." She didn't take his words seriously. No matter what he did, she wouldn't think too much. She pulled him to their table.

"Hello, Mr. James." Iris deliberately called him, "Oh, no, Mr. James and Mrs. Gail, please have a seat. Let's have barbecue."

Gail responded, "Don't be naughty, Iris."

"He is Mr. James, and you are his wife now. Iris is right. Why are you so shy?" Sherry teased.

"Gai, why don't you introduce us your relationship? Did you go back to your own home now? This is the first time we meet since we met last time!" Mary also teased. Last time, they met at the wedding. Now they were still happy without a wedding, which meant their lov

e always in turmoil. Those who are favored have nothing to fear".

Gail didn't know what stage she was in, whether she couldn't get it or she was favored. She felt that none of them matched her. She was between the two. She was a little uncertain and not confident enough. She stumbled at the turning point of her life. Fortunately, someone was with her.

That night, everyone was immersed in their own emotions, singing other people's songs and telling their own thoughts.

Later, under the incitement of everyone, James and Gail sang the most romantic song for such a long time, and they actually could sing it in a tacit way. They even sang a popular love song, "We seem to have seen each other somewhere", which almost made the other three audience jealous.

It never occurred to them that James's voice was so pleasant. He was singing in a deep and affectionate tone.

"Oh, my God! I'm going to cry. Gai, you have found such a good man. I'm still dreaming about love, disappointed and hopeful." Tears streamed down from the corners of Iris's eyes. She had been very emotional these days. When she saw them singing happily in front of her, she couldn't control herself.

Sherry could understand her more. Fortunately, Gail and James didn't see Iris crying because they were singing.

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