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   Chapter 225 Don’t Drink

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6658

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"I still love James. Gail, you are not qualified to stand by his side. What he needs is a person who can help him gain a foothold in the business world, but you can't."

It was another message from Julie. Her message was to make trouble for Gail on purpose.

Julie knew that Gail would feel uncomfortable because of this, so she sent Gail a message if she had spare time.

Gail remembered that James had gone to talk with Kevin. Julie sent it again this time. It seemed that she just wanted to harass her. Yes, Gail had nothing to worry about. Now James was her husband. If Julie had the chance, he wouldn't have shown his dislike for Julie every time.

Her husband was the most disdainful to lie. He wouldn't lie to her unless he had no choice.

Gail chatted with Iris for a long time. In the evening, she had some barbecue at the barbecue stall at the school gate and ordered two bottles of beer.

They didn't like barbecue in the past, but since they heard from Sherry that she went out for barbecue with her boyfriend and found a good place to eat barbecue, they were hit by the snail of the barbecue shop. It was very delicious.

Most importantly, the barbecue shop on the slope was cheap and delicious. Every time they wanted to relax, they would think of the snail of the barbecue shop.

It had been a long time since the last time they had barbecue. Gail especially cherished the time to chat with Iris. They even pulled out Sherry who was on a date. At the same time, they also invited Mary who saw the handsome man. They four sat at a lively barbecue stall, ate delicious food, drank wine, and listened to the boys and girls at the other table shouting, "Graduated!"

They were really going to graduate. Others were confused about their job, but when Gail drank, she couldn't tell what she was confused about.

When she was not at school these days, she felt as if she had missed her college life. She always felt that the graduation came too suddenly and there was n

s." Hearing the noise from the other end of the line, the beer bottle and the boys' voice, James's tone rose.

"Okay, I didn't drink much." She wanted to say that it had nothing to drink with girls, but when she heard his serious tone, she stopped.

"I'll be here soon. Don't drink. And you are not allowed to drink when I'm not around, okay?"

"……" This was too absolute. If she wanted to have a meal with Iris, she could drink a little wine.

Hearing her hesitation, he knew that she doubted this request. But what if she was in danger? Anyway, he couldn't rest assured if he didn't watch her drinking. He hadn't warned her before. Especially when he accidentally saw the news recently, he was very scared.

"Are you disobedient? Anyway, if you have to drink without me by your side, you have to tell me, okay?" He was worried that Gai was too simple and she thought it was safe. But at this time, it happened to be easy to be used.

She might not have completely overlapped her identity with Mrs. Gail. It was necessary for him to consider her safety. Although it was a little harsh, he was not so unreasonable. He could allow it when the situation reassured him.

"No, I just think that you are a little strict with me, but I know you are doing this for my own good!" She expressed her opinion euphemistically.

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