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   Chapter 220 Send Martha Away

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7010

Updated: 2020-06-21 00:02

"You mean you want Martha to go home?"

"Yes, I can't trust Martha! I know what kind of person Martha is. She can do anything for money! " They hadn't been in touch with each other for so many years, but Gail could see what Martha had done. As long as she thought of that Lily might interfere here, then Martha was no different from Lily. Gail felt scared when she thought about it, so she didn't want Martha to stay here for a moment.

James nodded, "if you don't want, it's easy. This person is indeed untrustworthy. What Martha has been worried about was not Grandpa's condition and operation, but the hotel she has stayed in. I see. You can probably see her ask to go home tomorrow. "

James was so confident that Gail was curious about what he would do. "What method are you going to use?"

"You'll know it tomorrow. It won't be good if I tell you now." James' mysterious smile reassured Gail.

A stone fell to the ground, and the two of them breathed a sigh of relief.

Nicholas' condition was stable now. The doctor said he could be discharged from the hospital in a month and would be checked up regularly.

And Martha was really anxious to go home. She said there was something wrong at home and she had to hurry back.

Of course, Gail wouldn't let her stay. Although Nicholas was reluctant her to leave, he didn't try to persuade her to stay.

But Nicholas seemed to be a little disappointed with Martha, because when she left, she asked James to reimburse her for the road expenses.

With his eyes closed, Nicholas didn't say anything. James just held Gail's hand, Gail was about to get angry. He said what he should do and asked someone to give Martha some money.

Gail sat on the edge of Nicholas' bed and looked at his disappointed eyes, feeling a little sad.

"Grandpa, don't think too much. Martha just has something to do at home. You know, she has always been like that." Gail didn't know how to comfort Nicholas. After all, no matter what happened, Martha was his own daughter.

Nicholas turned his head weakly and looked at the sky outside the window. He sa

en the old people. It's better to find a wife..."

"You talk nonsense, James!" Gail coughed on purpose. Nicholas was different from the old man in the city. He hadn't been married for many years. James suddenly said this topic, Nicholas would be scared.

As expected, when Nicholas heard James' words, he was choked and coughed.

"Ahem...... Ahem, young people nowadays are too open-minded. I don't need a wife, I'm a dying man, and... Stop messing around. " Nicholas hadn't thought about it in his middle age, but now he felt a little embarrassed when he was said so by the young man.

Of course, Gail knew Nicholas best. She pulled James out of the room and said, "Grandpa, don't listen to him. We're leaving now! I will come to see you tomorrow. "

Nicholas leaned against the sickbed and watched them leave with a smile on his face. Anyway, he wouldn't feel relieved until the two of them were in a good relationship.

Out of the hospital, Gail pulled James and complained that his words were too direct. Nicholas was just an old man from the countryside, conservative.

"If it was in the past, Nicholas would have beaten you up if you said that. If you tell Grandpa that you are looking for an old wife for him next time, you will be beaten. "Gail knows very well that Nicholas' family education is very strict. If she has any thoughts beyond Nicholas' scope, she must be beaten.

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