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   Chapter 219 The Surgery Was Successful

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7098

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It was not easy for Martha to come here. She wanted to take advantage of what she could.

She had planned to ask James to reimburse her for the recent expenses, but considering that it would take a long time, she couldn't ask too much at once. Martha came here for more than that.

Hearing her retreating footsteps, Gail's eyes became clear at one point one.

If she couldn't see through it, she could temporarily forget it, but when she knew the truth, she couldn't pretend for a moment. Maybe that was why Gail couldn't adapt to the living environment since she was a child. Martha said Gail was spoiled. It was Nicholas who asked her to keep her true character and be alone.

If Gail hadn't kept this insistence and stubbornness, she would have become a girl who worked in the city and might have been married.

On second thought, Gail did bring too much burden to Nicholas. But Gail just wanted to continue her study and get more knowledge. With a desire to know more about the world, she had come to this day.

But if Gail had dropped out of school early to earn money, Nicholas would not be so tired now. Now he would definitely live in a better house, at least he didn't have to worry about her tuition for so long.

Gail was still not filial enough, and what Martha said was not completely wrong.

Seeing that Gail was absent-minded, James gently put her head on his shoulder and leaned against it. "Gai, don't think too much. You are so unhappy just because you think too much. You have to believe that as long as you have a strong heart, everything good will come to you. "

"But it's true that I have brought so much burden to Nicholas. If I hadn't insisted on going to college, Nicholas might not have been sick." Gail's heart was suddenly filled with self-blame and regret. Nicholas hadn't come out yet. From time to time, medical staff would come out of the closed operating room, and Gail's heart would be very nervous.

"Gai, you don't have to think so. In fact, I know you have a loan for your tuition and you earn the living expenses. You earned it hard. When you were in middle school, the

treatment on time, everything will be fine. This is the most successful operation. Everything goes smoothly." The doctor's face was also glowing with victory.

"Thank you, doctor! Thank you, doctor. You are laborious! "

"Thank you, doctor!"

The two of them shook hands with the doctor gratefully before he left.

Gail turned around and hugged James excitedly. "We made it! Thank you, James! In fact, you are the one I thank most! "

If it weren't for James, they wouldn't have found out Nicholas' condition so early. It was also because of James that Nicholas recovered so well. He could have such a good doctor to perform the surgery for him and receive treatment in such a good medical environment. It was all because of James. Hugging James, Gail burst into tears again.

Gail's tears streamed down his neck. James pulled her away in disgust and said, "you are a weeper. It's my duty as a husband. If you keep crying, I will beat you. You are not used to my kindness even though we are married. And I just did my best. I didn't visit Nicholas often. I didn't do much. "

"That's enough. Thank you, James. I'll wait for Nicholas to push out and then go to the ward to rest. In fact, I'm very worried that Martha will do something crazy under the instigation of Lily. Martha has no family affection for my grandfather. Martha was like a ticking time bomb by my grandfather's side and I felt uneasy."

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