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   Chapter 218 Grandpa's Surgery

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"All right, all right. Don't forget that I'm James. How can I lose such a lovely girl like you. You are my wife now. Can I disappear from the world? " He knew that Gai was thinking of her misfortune in the past. Those days when she lived carefully made her unforgettable, and she would always explode inadvertently. Only by comforting her in silence could she forget the past.

"Gai, don't cry. God is testing you. Look, you are fine now? Someone is chasing after you, and you have also friends and husband. As long as you stay with me, I will protect you well. I'm the God's compensation for you. If you grew up like others, you would be a thug now. It's too scary. How could I fall in love with you, right! Stop crying. Everything is the best arrangement. "

Everything was the best arrangement. It was not until James met Gail that he gradually figured it out. If you that would wear a crown should bear its weight.

Gail was still crying. When she thought of the unforgettable past, she felt so pitiful. She just knew that she had a deep prejudice against Martha. She should not believe that Martha would suddenly be kind. After a long time, Gail stopped crying in James' arms. After calming down, she began to think about how to face the current situation.

"You're so kind, James. Maybe it is really God's compensation for me. God shouldn't have asked for you again, should he? But even if God want you, I don't want to give you back! " As Gail spoke, she held James' waist tightly. She was really worried that one day.

She couldn't even imagine it. She believed the God would not be so cruel to her all the time.

Seeing that Gai trusted him so much, James couldn't help but feel happy. "Gai, I will always be good to you. Don't ever think about leaving me again. In fact, I'm also like you. God should be our matchmaker, it is not God's joke, because only we know each other. "

"Yes, it must be." Thinking of what had happened to the Jiang family, Gail felt that they were indeed very similar to

gery is over. I have my number on your grandfather's phone." Then Martha turned to James and smiled, "thank you, James. Gai has a bad temper. You take care of her. She has suffered a lot since she was a child, so you should bear with her. And her grandfather has only one granddaughter by his side. Maybe she has been spoiled by him. I hope you can live a good life. "

Gail's fingers creaked. Even if she was spoiled by her grandfather, Martha shouldn't say these words!

"I know, auntie. You'd better go back and have a rest."

"Well, I'm leaving now. And...... How many days can I stay in the hotel? I just don't feel comfortable staying in that bed To be honest, I haven't stayed in a hotel yet. It's all because of Gai. "Obviously, Martha wanted to stay longer.

Well, Martha could not bear it. She must want more next.

Martha remembered that sometimes when her family went out for fun, they often stayed in a hotel. Although it was economical, it was already very luxurious for the rural people at that time.

Although she felt a little sad, it was quickly dispelled by her.

"It's okay. You can stay here for a few days." James smiled faintly.

"Okay, thank you, James. Gai, I'm leaving now. " Martha's face was full of smile. Anyway, James had a lot of money. Staying in a hotel for a few days was just a meal for him.

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