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   Chapter 162 Lily

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Gail knew that it would take some time for her to completely adapt to the fact that James was already her husband. James didn't allow his wife to live without him after she got the marriage certificate originally. But he couldn't deprive her last time in the campus, so he would do as she said. Anyway, she was all his now, and he was not in a hurry for a few months.

But when James was not working, he still missed Gail very much. He felt a little unbalanced! They were a legal couple, but they had to separate in two places. It was simply torture!

James said. "The decoration has been done according to your requirements and advice. We'll go there to have a look. If you don't like it, we can modify it. Anyway, this coffee shop is yours. It doesn't matter whatever you do. "

Gail nodded her head obediently and excitedly, staring at his every move. She could not help but hold his arm. "You are so kind. Why am I so ordinary? Why are you so good to me?"

James answered. "Because my fiancee, even if she is beautiful, she still thinks she is ordinary. I need such a modest woman! " James was talking nonsense, which made Gail giggle.

As soon as Gail arrived at the door of the coffee shop, she saw a line of electronic screen rolling typing, which read, "I love you, Gail.".

There were more than twenty young men and women standing at the door with big cartons in their hands, each of which was decorated with a few words with roses, "I love you, Gail.".

Gail turned to look at James in surprise. He was looking at her with a smile, holding her hand and walking into the small yard.

His romantic way made her heart beat fast. She didn't expect him to be so careful, but the method was a little childish. It must not be his way.

Stepping on the lawn, when it was dark, the light under his feet suddenly lit up, and the words were shown in front of him. "I love you, Gail."

Gail covered her mouth with excitement. She didn't expect a dull man like him to do that! It must be someone's bad idea!

All of a sudden, when she was st

He was gentle like a beautiful man who was not living in the world, but he was very down-to-earth for her to consider everything

"What reason?" Gail couldn't figure out why he didn't like her to go to work. She would definitely not compromise. Even if he didn't like it, she had to talk about the work and sign it.

"Because I don't want the men in the office to have a crush on you. I don't want them to see you."

"……" He said again. How could he change so fast.

James didn't want to force Gail, so he thought of another thing and changed the topic. "You have to pay attention to one thing these two days. Noble's wife has come back from abroad. I'm afraid that she will do harm to me and you in order not to let me get married successfully. You can't leave the school without me picking you up these days. If you need anything, just call me or my assistant, okay? " James called his father's name directly and didn't think there was anything wrong.

"Why?" Gail couldn't figure out why that woman had tried to stop their marriage again and again.

"Because Andrew is going to give me what her son deserves. What's more, Noble's company is at a disadvantage now. She wants to take my place! "

"What? It's so evil! " Gail really didn't know much about their family. It was complicated to know all the time, but she didn't expect it to be so explosive!

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