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   Chapter 158 An Old Opponent

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6874

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When Gail left the Jiang family's old house, she wanted to call Nicholas. Although she knew that Nicholas had agreed to her marriage certificate, she was still worried about him and felt that Nicholas' decision was a little surprising.

Looking at her melancholy eyes, James guessed that she might miss Nicholas. But he began to worry whether she would blame him if she knew the truth. In fact, he had already arranged for Nicholas to be hospitalized and specially taken care of at any time, in order to let her see a healthy Nicholas when she got married.

She must be very sad. Her only kinsfolk was in danger now. He would leave Gai at any time. Gai didn't have any relatives. She really had only one grandfather. If Nicholas left, James couldn't believe what she would do.

"Hello, Grandpa. What are you doing?"

"I'm not busy. I'm just sitting outside and watching the flowers and vegetables I planted. When you come back, I'll let you eat as much as you want." Lying on the white bed, Nicholas looked at the white ceiling and imagined his field.

Fortunately, James hired a farmer to take care of everything at home. Otherwise, he wouldn't have left home and been hospitalized. Nicholas thought that if he died, Gai would be left alone, he would not be at ease if he had not married her off.

Gail heard Nicholas' voice was a little weak, "Grandpa, are you feeling uncomfortable again? Have you taken the medicine? If it's not convenient for you, I'll send it back on the Internet. "

"No, No. when James left, he had prepared a lot of medicine for me. I'll be fine after taking them. It was just that the sun was so warm today that I was so sleepy that I wanted to sleep. Don't worry. Focus on your thesis and graduate. Don't think about anything else. You also have to focus on work. We'll talk about your plan to come back to work later. Young people have to go out. Besides, James was from the NF City. Girls should live with their men. If the two people are separated, they will really be separated in the future. "

"Yes, Grandpa. I'l

nown that they were going to get married and wanted to sabotage it. Gail didn't expect that after so long, Melissa still so persistent to give her trouble. It would be a misfortune for a person to meet such a plaster. Gail really didn't know what she owed Melissa in her last life, Melissa was so difficult to deal with. As the saying goes, "it's not terrible to be a hooligan. But educated hooligans are scary!"

Gail wanted to say that women were not terrible, but she was afraid that women were like Melissa!

At this time, Gail's phone rang again. Melissa must want to say something.

Gail turned on her phone and found that Melissa had changed a new phone number. She said that it was her fault in the past. It was her immature personality that made Gail unhappy. Melissa felt sorry for what she had done to Gail, but as her classmate, she couldn't bear to see her classmate jump into the fire!

Humph! How ridiculous! Wasn't Melissa glad to see others jump into the trap. Or Melissa could force others to jump into the trap. Gail really didn't know if there was a brain in Melissa's head!

Melissa changed three or four phone numbers, but Gail was so bored that she wanted to turn it off.

But Melissa changed her phone number and sent a picture, on which there was a familiar figure. Gail instantly stayed where she was, unable to move for a long time!

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