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   Chapter 156 To Serve Tea

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6628

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"Gai, come here. Sit down and let me have a look at your marriage certificate." Seeing them coming in, Andrew asked them to sit down and couldn't wait to have a look.

"Why are you in such a hurry? Weren't you a little dissatisfied at that time? Now you are even more excited than me. Why are you doing this? " James said jokingly as he saw Andrew walking briskly with a crutch.

Andrew glanced at Gail and smiled sheepishly, "I'm not dissatisfied. I'm just worried that you will hurt her. After all, you've been an iceberg for thousands of years. No one will feel good about you. Now that you have got the marriage certificate, it means that you are confident to take care of her. Come here, Gai. You are supposed to serve tea for me today! "

Gail took a look at James and was sure that Andrew really wanted her to serve tea!

While saying that, someone had already served the tea. Gail held it in her hand and said, "Grandpa, I serve tea for you." Seeing that they were so nervous, she had to keep up with them. She didn't know if it was right to call him that.

"No, no, No. It's that 'granddaughter-in-law will serve you tea'." Andrew corrected her with a smile, enjoying this moment very much.

When Gail was about to say something, Andrew pointed at James and said, "come here too. Both of you have to kneel on the carpet to serve tea for me." Andrew thought. Now James would come home regardless of previous grievances. He might not mind kneeling in front of him. After all, he was an old man.

James picked up the teacup and knelt on the spotless carpet. He looked into Gail's eyes and raised the teacup together with her. "Grandpa, grandson (granddaughter) serves tea for you."

"Well, I'm willing to do whatever you say, ha ha." After saying that, Andrew happily took the tea from them and drank it up. Then he said, "well, I have never thought that tea is so delicious."

It could be seen that Andrew was really happy. After drinking the tea, he immediately

emaker since he was a child and had no interest in work. If it weren't for the profit of the shares he gave Daniel, he didn't know what Daniel would look like now.

Just then, Daniel came in, with one hand in his pocket, walking to the sofa like a dissolute man. "I heard that my nephew has got the marriage certificate, and I happen to come back to congratulate him. I didn't expect you to speak ill of me together! It seems that it's not the right time for me to come back. "

"Humph, it's just what you heard. If you take your focus away from play, will I say that to you? " Noticing the frivolous design on Daniel's clothes, Andrew glanced at him unhappily.

He just smiled and turned to look at Gail sitting quietly next to James. "This cheongsam is so beautiful. Is it prepared for Andrew's eccentricity! He likes it the old-fashioned way, let you make a toast or something. It's not the time to hold a wedding. Can't you save these for the wedding? " Daniel had seen this cheongsam before. Cherry told him when they were shopping that it was a limited edition specially designed by James' designer and ordinary people couldn't wear it. Cherry wanted to wear it herself, but James' designer said that her figure was not suitable. Even if he changed the size, she would lose the original taste of the cheongsam.

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