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   Chapter 154 Be A Spendthrift Wife

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6512

Updated: 2020-05-19 00:23

When they woke up, it was already late. They were still awakened by James' ring.

James reached out and turned off the voice, allowing the phone to keep ringing!

He stood up and looked down at Gail, rubbing her face with his nose. He seemed to like this movement very much. "You wake up? Sorry, I fell asleep. "

"Sorry for what? I fell asleep too. You've been so hard recently and you still have to squeeze time to accompany me. In fact, you don't have to be so hard. If you want to see me, I can go to accompany you. " As Gail spoke, she casually touched James' collar and looked at his collarbone, which was clearly visible.

Gail had never noticed that a man's collarbone could also be very beautiful and sexy. She couldn't help but envy him. Why did God always favor James and make him so perfect.

However, was it because of his perfection that he had to go through such a miserable childhood and youth.

James held Gail's delicate face in his hands and said in a low and gentle voice, "Gai, thank you. Thank you for accompanying me and understanding me. Thank you for getting the marriage certificate with me. I must give you a grand wedding. You are the best gift from God to me. "

"Why are you so emotional all of a sudden? I'm not used to it." Gail pinched his nose with a smile and rubbed it gently like him.

"Haha..." she was amused by herself. It was really funny, like a cat playing with feathers.

Touched by her bright smile, James turned over and put her on his laps. "Gai, I'm getting more and more helpless with you. Do you think I should put you in my pocket so that other men won't see your beauty and kindness. I want to see you all the time. I'm worried about such a beautiful wife in your dormitory. "

"……" James' mouth was as sweet as honey. It turned out that a sleep had such a magic. "Is this love words?" Gail said softly.

"Well, no. But I hope every word I say to you is sweet. Even if we have a f

money to? Besides, if you don't want anything from me, do you think that my property is inherited? You should know that everything I have now is earned by my own ability. The reason why I work so hard to make money is to find a spendthrift woman! "

"Well..." Gail had seen a lot of things. This man said love words seriously. In the course of an afternoon, he made remarkable progress.

"Tell me, don't you want to use my money or accept my gift for my wife?" James shook her shoulders and said seriously, "if you don't accept it, I will find beautiful women to send them. Anyway, my own wife looks down upon me, so I have to show my existence in others' place."

"……" "If you dare, I'll chop off your hands! You just want me to accept your kindness. If what you said is true, you just exposed your potential to seek a lover in the future. Humph! We need to sign an agreement when we go back. If you dare to cheat on me, I will let you wandering on the street! " Since James dared to frighten Gail, she could do it.

Looking at her complacent face, James smiled unnaturally. "My metaphor is not appropriate. Don't learn from me. "

James couldn't help but be annoyed. This woman would always make him, who had always been very confident and wouldn't make mistakes, speak in a wrong way.

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