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   Chapter 150 Household Register

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6988

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Gail made a call to Nicholas and asked him some questions about his daily life. But she never told him that she would get married. Gail didn't know when she would say it was a good time. She guessed that James had already made a plan.

When Gail heard that Nicholas' voice was weak, she began to worry about him. When she took Nicholas to the hospital last time, it was James who took care of him. James told her that Nicholas was weak, and she knew that Nicholas was busy. Nicholas didn't want to stay at home and Gail persuade him not to plant the land, but he just wouldn't leave those acres.

Last night, Gail couldn't fall asleep, so she stayed in her dormitory and didn't want to go anywhere. She had thought about a lot of things about James and his family.

Gail had come to Andrew's house for two times, and she was always frightened by the affairs of Jiang family. While James hadn't told her everything about his family in detail, especially the woman named Lily, his father's wife.

Gail still remembered her last message. It was that Lily didn't want to see her with James. Then why did Lily stop this matter between them! Besides, James had mentioned to her that his group was called the CG Group, which was able to overtake the RF Group of a well-known group within a very short period of time. Gail had never given much thought to the issues of his family, but they were like a mystery to her.

Moreover, the wedding date was approaching. Gail felt something was wrong. Unlike her imagination, getting married was more important than she thought, and it was much easier than she thought.

For some reason, she was very nervous and had no expectation for the wedding date. It seemed that she did not want the day to come as soon as possible.

"Gai, what are you thinking? Your phone is ringing. Why don't you answer it?" Iris waved at her and Gail saw the name "James" on the screen.

James answered the phone in a sexy voice. "Gai, the designer is here. I'm picking you up. Meet me at the school gate."

It was only nine o'clock in the morning. "Now?"

"Yes, I

lace shirt and a black A-line skirt. This should be good for taking photos!

"Gai, you looked sad and dejected just now. Did James say something sweet to you that made you happy all of a sudden?" When Iris was changing her clothes and doing her hair, Gail's sunny face told her that Gail had pulled herself together.

Gai smiled at Iris and said, "I don't think it's a big deal. I'm getting married with the one I love, sooner or later."

"It is! Did you suffer from melancholy before? Or the premarital phobia? But it's normal. You don't have time to hesitate. Maybe James will give you a surprise attack. Just like in the novel, the heroine got married with a strange man at the first date on a blind date. How romantic! " With that, Iris looked at herself in the mirror and was anthomaniac. She was imagining getting a marriage license with her idol.

"You've read too much novels. It's so poisonous for you to read less!" Gail couldn't help worrying about Iris. "Be careful not to find a boyfriend."

Iris' smile froze on her face. She thought of Jackson.

She turned to look at Gail and asked seriously, "what do you think of Jackson? "

"Jackson? Oh, by the way, do you have a boyfriend? If so, don't imagine him being the leading man of a soap opera you've watched. Reality is different from illusion. " Gail found a dark red bow knot in the drawer and tied it to her hair.

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