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   Chapter 147 Gossips

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 5880

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Back in her dorm, Gail had accumulated some experience this time. So, before entering the dorm, she pressed her ear against the door to hear what was going on inside. They might frighten her again.

As expected, she heard the three people inside were discussing.

"When did Gai come back? Why didn't she come back yet? I was waiting for her anxiously." It was Sherry's voice.

"Can you ask when she will be back? I'm afraid she won't come back tonight!" Iris didn't believe what Gail said. Iris had received her phone call for several times and was told that she would come back at night. As a result, when Iris was very sleepy, she didn't hear the doorbell ringing. She once had a hallucination and thought it was Gai who came back. She climbed out of her quilt, only to find nobody when she opened the door.

Gail stuck out her tongue and thought, 'Sure enough, Iris is my good friend. Why didn't she help me?'

"Gai will be back tonight. She hasn't been back for two days. She needs our help. Well, if you call her and she is reluctant to say goodbye or doing something shameful, won't you be embarrassed?"

Oh my god, was there something wrong with Gail's ears? This voice was Mary's. She was such a gentle woman. Did she pretend to be gentle during the four years of college!

"Wow Mary, I haven't seen you for a few days. Why are you so dirty? How pure and innocent you were!"

"It is true. Are you in love behind us? What the hell! Mary, tell me what happened!"

Mary's voice sounded shy, "It is impossible. I'm still single. I've just seen too many dirty jokes recently, and I've been out for more than a year. I sometimes surf the Internet, it must affect me! Don't make a fuss!"

"Hey! We were so surprised that our eyeballs were abou

the conversation among the three of them, Gail asked in a low voice, "Don't be so exaggerated. When did I become so famous? This is not my way to become famous."

Iris smiled, "It's not that exaggerated. Many girls are jealous of you because they think they are prettier than you. Even the three of us are jealous of your marriage. They must be crazy!"

"Yes. Everybody is jealous. It feels great to become a phoenix from the tree overnight. It's better than winning a lottery!" Sherry praised sincerely.

"I am not married yet. You can't tell others that I'm married. Do you think that it's so easy for me to marry James? I haven't realized that so far. It seems that everything goes so smoothly. I don't think so like you. But isn't it too hasty for James to fix the date for 21st?" Gail did have some bad feeling, or perhaps with some hesitation and confusion, and the look on her face was not as happy as she had imagined.

"Don't you feel happy that you are going to be the wife of the CEO? You are really not satisfied with your life. Don't be contentious. Do you think you can ridicule us at this time?" Sherry retorted sourly, as she patted on Gail's head.

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