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   Chapter 146 Jump Into The Fire

You're The Trouble I'm In By Chang Du Characters: 7029

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Giving Cherry a glance, James put his hand on Gail's and said, "it would be best for you to see it clearly. After all, if the wrong people are with you, you will only consider him a scum."

Cherry smiled. "Ha-ha, do you know that I treat you as a scum! Well, It's a lot like the James I know. "

"It doesn't matter, Cherry. If you work harder and become his little aunt, you can see the scum every day and I will help you fight against him." Daniel winked at Cherry.

"Who wants to be his little aunt? In my opinion, the Jiang family are not suitable to be a husband, especially you." Said Cherry sarcastically.

The words made no sense, but on the contrary, they made Noble embarrassed. Years ago, it was him who demanded to make a match between Cherry and James. He didn't expect her to say something like that. If he stayed here any longer, he would lose his face.

Noble stood up and looked at the four of them. Then he turned to look at Emily who was still sitting on the sofa with tears on her face and said, "Emily, let's go. Or your father will think that I didn't teach children well and made you sad."

Emily also consciously tasteless, but she didn't want to give up. She stood in front of James and asked, "James, are you really that ruthless to me? You can't even be my friend anymore? I've known you since we were little kids. But you have hurt me by speaking to me so many times! I know I am not as important as Gail in your heart. But I want to ask you, do you really think that I am so ignorant in your heart? "

"You want the truth?" James raised his eyebrows and looked at Emily.

Emily bit her lips, this sentence was showing that James really had a bad impression of her, but she had to listen to him. "Go ahead." Her aggrieved voice was actually lovable, if she was not unreasonable.

"As long as you focus on your own business and don't deal with people like Melissa, I believe you are a good girl. I remember that you were very cute when you were a child. But if you don't understand your situation now, I'm afraid that we won't be friends in the future. " James just

king about? I don't understand. "

"It's better that you don't understand. Let's go back for dinner."


Suddenly, something occurred to James. He stopped and turned to Gail. "Will you blame me for not protecting you well? There is no justice. In fact, my father has been living with Lily for these years. She covets my business. If you want to get even with her, I won't forgive her. "

From what she had heard today, Gail knew that the woman must have detested and envied James. But Gail couldn't judge it. After all, she didn't know what had happened.

"I'm heartless. I've already forgotten about it. You don't have to demand justice for me. You've already investigated it for me. I just hope it won't happen again. After all, I'm not strong enough to take such a fright. " Gail raised her smile and looked at James' eyes. Her clear eyes made him absent-minded.

James gently held her and said softly, "sooner or later, I'll make her pay for it. After all, she's always a disobedient girl woman."

"James, you don't..."

James kissed Gail's soft lips and said, "I know what I'm doing. I know better than anyone else that woman has a heart of stone."

"……" Sensing his imperious kiss, Gail couldn't help falling into a trance. It seemed that she had jumped into a fire pit. No wonder he would talk to Cherry like that. "I have jumped into a fire pit of the Jiang family..."

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