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   Chapter 145 Wife Protector

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6231

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Seeing tears rolling down from Emily's cheeks, Andrew felt a little sorry for her. "Come here and take a seat, Emily. It's not good if you still pick on Gail. No one dares to do anything to you around me. I will make decisions for you if there is something wrong with you. But you have to understand that you should give up on James."


"Well, I know it, or I can't help you anymore." He knew that Emily still was stubborn and she wanted to see James. But she was too stubborn and she would suffer more grievances.

Hearing that, Noble didn't say anything. His face was dark with rage. If it weren't that Andrew asked him not to be impulsive, he would have rushed up and questioned James the moment he entered the room!

"Sit down, please. Since you are here, let's have dinner first and then go back." Andrew knew that he could only depend on himself to deal with this situation. He was so old that he didn't want to meddle in this matter, but now there was almost no reliable person in the family except James. If someone wanted to talk about James, Andrew had to step in.

"No, thank you. I'm still not used to having meals with so many people. I'm afraid I will be uncomfortable if I eat with so many people. I'll eat a meal with us after we get along well with each other." James dragged Gail to the seat and threw a cold glance at his father.

"Is that what you should say? Do you think of us as elders? Can you make a decision for the engagement by yourself?" Such a manner was the most unbearable thing for Noble. He pointed at and swore at James, trembling with anger.

James frowned, and the sternness in his eyes did not show weakness, "If you still know that you are my father, you should not allow your woman to do such despicable things! Do you think I don't know what happened when that woman sent a message to Gai? If you are

eak one more word. Today, they finally realized that James was able to ask everyone to shut up.

They had their own plans.

Sitting next to them, Cherry looked at Gail with a smile on her face, "Gail, I didn't expect you to have such a great charm to win James's heart. It seems that you're his sweetheart. Although I am unconvinced and very reluctant, I have to admit that you are suitable for him. I can't say any words for the time being to bless you, but if I want to ask you, I will come there when you get married."

Gail looked at her and nodded with a smile, "Thank you. You have changed so much in just a few days."

"You too. But you have to thank James's uncle. He let me know that James is not suitable for me." After saying that, she turned her head and looked at Daniel who wore a smirk on his face.

"Really? Have you fallen in love with someone else? Congratulations!" Gail knew that Cherry was the best rival she had ever met, but she didn't expect her to let go so soon, which was out of her expectation.

"What? He's a thug? I don't have any affair with him. In fact, I still think your boyfriend is the most attractive, but I will try to forget him." Cherry turned to look at James, her eyes full of affection.

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