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   Chapter 144 Be Deliberately Made Difficult Again

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6420

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The atmosphere in the car was tense. Gail looked at James worried expression. If she had known it earlier, she wouldn't have let James see. Or she could look before and have read what he was thinking. That was the James who she had known for the first time and who was the most intimidating one to Gail.

Gail had been carefully looking at him while James had also been staring at the screen of his cell phone. He looked at it calmly. It was really hard for Gail to believe that it was really something serious that made him so angry?

After a while, James passed her phone to Gail, without looking at her, and leaned against the back seat to take a catnap!

Gail was agitated and had no idea what on earth he was doing.

Gail took out her phone and clicked on the e-mail from Hoyle, but she found that the e-mail was not there. It seemed that James had deleted it. She was curious about what kind of email made James think so much and delete it?

Seeing that James didn't want to talk to her, Gail had to bury her doubts in her stomach.

James parked the car in Andrew's courtyard. He opened the door, and Gail watched his back as she went out.

She couldn't figure out what kind of email it was that made him ignore her. She was afraid to meet Andrew and so many people.

James walked ahead without holding Gail's hand. Feeling wronged, she stood there, bit her lips and called, "James."

James turned around, as if waking up from a dream. He walked over and held her hand, but did not look at her.

Gail pinched his hand at a loss. "What's wrong with you, James? What did Hoyle say to you that makes you so strange? I seldom contacted him and I haven't checked my e-mail yet. "

Gail felt aggrieved. They had been actively showing off their love in front of the media this morning, but now he was angry with her just because of a distant email. She felt so aggrieved and suddenly felt helpless.


it was the result of retouching. But in fact, Gail was a different person than she was before. Was Gail trying to hide something before? If that was the case, then what a scheming woman Gail was!

However, Emily was not a person who could keep calm. Seeing this scene, she became angrier and said sarcastically, "Gail does know how to dress up. I think she is pretty good at spending James' money! I really don't know if she is interested in James' money or in love with him. "

It was self-evident that she was mocking that Gail was in love with the money of James, and that it was not worthwhile for her and James.

When Andrew saw James' pale face, he hastily stopped and scolded, "Emily, isn't it enough that you were scolded last time?? You'd better not talk much about James!"

"Grandpa, you can't be so biased. What's good about Gail? Why do you all favor her? What has she done to bribe you?" Seeing that Gail was standing quietly by the side of James, Emily bristled with rage.

"Stop, Emily! If you want to be kicked out of the house by me, then don't blame me for not thinking about our friendship. I won't forgive the people who hurt Gai. You'd better not make such a stupid mistake! " James lightly swept across Emily, but her body couldn't help trembling.

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