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   Chapter 142 The Press Conference

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6613

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Gail's heart was filled with marshmallow. She was blessed by God that she would be treated with sincerity. Her eyes could not help but become hot again.

She had been sensitive since she was a child. In words of scolding, she really lacked love.

For more than ten years, the God finally gave her love, out of family affection. Her heart was open little by little.

"Let's go. Your eyes are red. Did you cry because your husband is so handsome?"

"You are to show off shamelessly!" Gail punched James on the chest with a big smile on her face.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, the headlines of all the major media turned to be the CEO of the RF Group who held a press conference and announced that his girlfriend had clarified the scandal with other people.

"The overbearing president fell in love with the Cinderella." James was getting married! "Don't say that my girlfriend is not good, because she will be my wife soon." it was extremely warm. The CEO protected his wife and prevented anyone from interfering in their marriage! ……

All the major news media began to upload all kinds of pictures and news. Among the news, there was one picture which made James the most satisfied. It was "I love you so much", in the picture, Gail smiled so sweetly. In the picture, there was only her in James' eyes.

James took her to his office. Looking at the distant girl, Gail smiled, and quipped happily.

Gail didn't expect that after knowing James for such a long time, today in front of the media, he would say a lot of sweet words without scruple, which made her feel very shy.

Gail clearly remembered that he stood in front of the media and held her hand tightly. "In my life, I only have one woman who I can love. Since everyone knows and is so curious about our things, I also hope you can give us a witness. The girl next to me is the girl I have chosen, my lifetime." After saying that, James held her in his arms and left the crowd.

The excessive flashl

after another.

Gail knew that they must have seen the news so they called her in a hurry.

"Okay! You didn't inform me in the first place about such an important matter. Gail, I'm breaking off relations with you! " The outraged voice of Iris was almost to blow up Gail's eardrum.

Gail covered her ears and waited for Iris to stop. Gail went into the room and closed the door. "Iris, I didn't expect that it would happen so soon. It was too sudden!"

"Yes, the negative news at that time all blew up. Who knows that all of them disappeared in just a few minutes. It can be seen how fast your husband dealt with it! At that time to call you also did not see you in a bad mood, then thought you did not see, but you refresh the screen again this afternoon. Gai, now you are the pride of our dormitory! But... " Iris emphasized seriously, "as roommates, we didn't even know until other students in the dorm told us. Gail, you say, do you have friendship with me? "

"Yes, yes, you're right. I have no friendship. But I'm not ready how to tell you, and your phone just rang! Hey hey, Iris, I know you can understand me, right? I saw the news before I could figure it out. Then he announced it to the public. I was forced to attend the press conference. Oh, my god, I did not speak anything, I was nervous. I... "

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