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   Chapter 141 The Beauty

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6709

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Gail hurriedly grabbed the mobile phone, "eat your food, or I'll throw up."

At this moment, James' phone rang. He picked it up and asked, "hello?"

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" He said in an extremely unhappy tone and took a look at Gail.

Turning around with a guilty conscience, Gail wondered if he was called? The scene on the Internet was very blurry, but Gail believed that many people would recognize James' outline. After all, he was a public figure in the city, especially in the last half year when he went to the financial magazine frequently.

"I know you. Contact the media and delete it!"

"Can't you do that?"

"You must figure it out. No one should be let go!"

Eating bread, Gail listened to James' growl and sympathized with the man on the phone. It was not easy to get things done for the CEO!

James put down the phone and gave Gail a gentle kiss on the cheek. "I'm going to make a call and will be back soon."

With a broad smile, Gail said, "HMM."

Looking at James' back, Gail felt that her heart had been crushed.

She didn't deserve James. This was what she had been worried about.

Looking at the shining diamond ring on her finger, Gail couldn't help but sigh.

She could not believe that they would get married. Because as long as she was with him, there would never be peace.

Was the God really testing them, or even the gods wouldn't let them?

James came back soon. However, Gail didn't ask him what was going on, and ate her breakfast quietly.

James didn't say anything either. Gail must have known what he said at that time, but he didn't say anything.

Well, if James didn't ask Gail, she would feel better. she wouldn't be that awkward. Entertainment news, in order to attract attention, all kinds of dirty words would use, but Gail would really mind.

After breakfast, Gail saw someone holding a pile of delicate boxes in his arms. A designer followed them. He looked familiar.

"Nice to meet you, gorgeous! You look more beautiful

in such a serious way. Fortunately, this skirt was more comfortable.

"Gai is more and more womanly." His nose rubbed against hers. She was always so hard to take others' eyes off. She used to be and now she was.

Being Hugged him tight, Gail pushed him away with her face flushing. "You're not serious. My hair is getting messy."

James chuckled in a very pleasant voice, "well, I'm not serious, only to you."

Gail pressed his hand and said to him in a reproachful tone, "stop it, and don't do that in broad daylight."

"My Gai is so beautiful. I can't help myself You are too charming. It's not my fault. No matter how beautiful other women are, they are not as seductive as you are. Because as long as you stand there and don't talk, I feel my heart is beating faster. " James was gentle and tender, but every word of him was beating over her heart.

"……" Gail had to admit that no one can compare with James in his sweet talk!

"Tap-tap!" There was a knock at the door.

"Mr. James, it's about time. We've got everything ready and the media have arrived." The people outside said gingerly. They were afraid that Mr. James would get angry if they interrupted their good things!

"Got it. We'll be right downstairs."

How could James change so fast? When he talked to others, he was like a totally different person.

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