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   Chapter 140 Breaking News

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6308

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James's eyes sparkled with stars. He put the ring on Gail's middle finger excitedly and stood up, looking at her.

Gail looked at him too. She had promised his marriage proposal in such a way that it was as unreal as a dream.

"Is this true, James? I accepted your marriage proposal. Are you serious about it? Why don't you pinch me? I feel like I'm in a dream." Before she could finish her words, James covered her mouth with his.


"Really?" He asked while he was gasping for breath.

"You are an idiot..."

The next morning, when Gail woke up in James's bed, she reached out to touch the person lying beside her, only to find that the bed was cold and he was not there.

Gail got up from the bed and wondered if he had gone to work.

"Are you looking for me?" Suddenly James said in a low voice. Then he appeared in front of her in his bathrobe.

She immediately retorted, "I'm just looking for clothes."

He walked to her and scratched her nose. Her nose was so cute.

He lowered his head and kissed her, "Good morning."

Gail responded, "I didn't brush my teeth..."

"It doesn't matter. I don't mind." Smiling, James turned around and opened the curtain. Gail tucked her head in the quilt.

She suddenly woke up in his bed again and recalled what happened last night. She looked at her right hand and found that there was indeed a very shiny diamond ring.

Seeing her act, James climbed into the bed and sat in front of her. With his forehead against her forehead, he asked in a hoarse voice, "Gai, do you refuse my proposal just because you can't believe it?"

She said with twinkling eyes, "Maybe. After all, it seems unreal. I was just telling myself that I was asked to get married shortly after falling in love with the CEO of the RF Group. That's not real."

James supported himself with his hands on the bed and pushed her to the corner

igned to sleep with the CEO of the RF Group. She has innocent appearance and an impure heart."

A series of malicious remarks almost popped out of the screen. As a result, what Gail thought first was whether the news was valuable or not? Or someone had purposely bought the news location? What a rich person!

James noticed the strangeness of Gail and noticed her pale face. He leaned over carefully and asked, "What are you looking at? Why are you so serious?"

Hearing what he said, Gail put down her phone and put on a smile, "Nothing, stop reading it. It's just a piece of dirty news. I'm afraid you'll want to vomit. Come on, have some milk." Gail smiled and handed James a glass of milk.

Unless she had something, she would not suddenly smiled so perfunctorily.

He now knew her very well. He would find her abnormal behaviors as soon as she moved.

He was wondering if she would do the same thing. If so, there would be no secret between them when they had lived together for a long time. .

Suddenly, Gail ate the egg quietly without looking up at James or showing any emotion.

There must be something wrong. It was obvious that she was in a bad mood.

James picked up her phone with doubt and said, "Let me see how vulgar it is."

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