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   Chapter 137 Benefit

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Iris looked at Gail sympathetically. "Ah, in fact, you don't need to worry about it. It's useless to worry about it now. Even if you really want to get married, can you just say no?"

"……" How could she know that she had never thought about it at all!

Iris said. "Let me give you an advice. It will be the same if you get married or not. So you'd better get married!"

"Then I will listen to your analysis." Gail said. Gail could not think at all now.

Iris added. "First, you don't have to work like us anymore after graduation. At least you have a master card. You won't starve to death. I know you don't think so, but this is the truth. Don't quibble! "

"……" Gail was about to refute her, but Iris shut her mouth immediately!

"Second, after you get married, the women who hold grudges against James can give up for a while. At least you can live in his house. You don't need to feel ashamed of it. Everything is above board. Third, more importantly, so that Nicholas can live with you. Otherwise, he will have a serious illness, but you and James are just friends. Nicholas definitely doesn't want cause you trouble! "

Gail nodded in agreement. When she went to the hospital with Nicholas, Nicholas insisted on paying the medical fees himself, but James had paid them all, and Nicholas didn't talk much on the way. Although Nicholas was neither angry nor happy, she knew that Nicholas must be blaming himself for his own health. Nicholas was unwilling to owe others.

"If you get married and you find a stable job, Nicholas won't stop you even if he don't agree. As long as you and James love each other deeply, he will certainly agree. Even if he doesn't live with you, you can find a small villa in the town or city to make him feel busy like he stays in the countryside. " Iris was very considerate.

"But my grandfather really loathe to part with his house. Although our neighbors are unfriendly,

a hurry now. In order to prevent anyone from taking advantage of this, he will definitely hold the wedding ceremony in the shortest time, which will not be delayed! " Iris' analysis sounded affirmative, which surprised Gail.

"In that case, he will certainly prepare everything in the shortest time, right? Don't I need to prepare anything? What's more, if I prepare it but he says it's not settled or not, I don't want to be embarrassed. " Gail always thought it was unreal and didn't want to prepare anything.

Iris was helpless. She could only help here, and the rest was left to James.

"I'll call James and ask him when it is. As long as there is a time frame to let you know, it's good." Iris suggested.

"Okay!" Gail nodded. It was better than guessing randomly here.

Iris used her phone to call James.

"What's the matter? How is it going?" asked James in a cold voice

Iris clearing her throat, said, "Gai doesn't know whether you are telling the truth. When will you get married to her, in a month or a week?"

"Gai is with you. Is that what she wants to ask?" James' tone softened.

"That's right. I give the phone to Gai." Iris answered. If Iris still didn't get his point at this time, she would be a little stupid.

Gail took the phone. "Hello?"

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