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   Chapter 134 Talking About Divorce

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7031

Updated: 2020-05-13 00:04

When Gail heard the word "divorce" from her grandfather, Nicholas, she nearly sprayed the water in her mouth.

She quickly put down the chopsticks. Even if the chicken that Nicholas cooked was delicious, she couldn't eat too much.

"Grandpa, I just… But we've just been together. It's not proper for you to say that now..."

"You don't have the right to speak here. Don't interrupt." Nicholas didn't even look at Gail.

In response, Gail pouted and didn't say anything. Under the table, James patted her hand and told her not to worry.

James looked at Nicholas with a sincere expression and said, "Grandpa, I know it's necessary for you to worry about that. Gai is your only family member. If you leave one day, she will be the person that you worried the most. I can understand your concerns. I won't let her suffer from injustice no matter what will happen in the future. I can draft the property transfer right when we get married. I'm here to make a promise to you that I will give up my marital property unconditionally if we have any problem!"

Gail pinched James's thigh hard. How dare he said that?

Hearing that, Gail felt terrible. She had never thought about this. All the couples must think that their love must last forever and never be apart or betrayed!

Nicholas was right. She also admitted that everything would change as time went by. Small things in life would slow down people's passion and decrease their passion for love.

But Gail didn't think she should imagine the worst thing that would happen in the future as long as they were in love. Because she was afraid, and she couldn't imagine the scene when she and James didn't love each other. Even if one day they had to separate, she could leave, just like the previous threatening text message, but she could not accept that they no longer loved each other.

Nicholas took a sip of wine and kept staring at James, "Well, I'm relieved with your words. It's not that I don't trust you, but no one can guarantee that the future will be as beautiful as it looks. I, as Gail's grandfather, have to consider this matte

y. I want to help Gai achieve a stable status and a happy life. Even if I leave here, I'll make a yard for you. You can also grow flowers and vegetables, or raise chickens and duck. You can also stay away from these rumors and this unclean place. Right? Then no one will bully you and Gai." James had made a thorough investigation on Nicholas and Gail before, and he knew that the villagers were rude to them. Today, similar situations occurred a lot. Many people gathered around their house and began to gossip without scruple.

His daughter, Gai's aunt is not a good person. Especially Gail's uncle came here from time to time to exploit her living expenses.

Nicholas fell into silence. He had his own plan. Although there were many disadvantages here, but this was the place where he had lived for his whole life. He couldn't leave at random. Moreover, he was Gai's grandpa. It was Gai's own business to be with James. If he went to see them, it will cause Gai trouble.

"Grandpa, let's not talk about anything else. Let's have dinner first. The meat is getting cold if you don't eat it now. Andre is going to sleep." Gai knew it was not as simple as it seemed. She had her own thoughts.

"Grandpa, let's eat first. The meat is so delicious. I'll come to visit you more often in the future." James said as he picked up some meat for Nicholas.

After dinner, the three of them went to bed.

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