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   Chapter 129 Abnormal

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7557

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Gail looked at one set of skincare and makeup after another, she felt wasteful for James, even though the money was just a drop in the ocean for him, what a waste it was to her!

"That's enough, James, that's all I need." Gail whispered in his ear to stop him, and when she saw the saleslady's eyes, she smiled at them brightly.

He turned his head and said softly, "it doesn't matter. Put them there and you can use it slowly."

A trace of injury and worry flashed through Gail's eyes. Did James know that she would leave him and buy things in advance for her?

That was impossible. He had never seen her message or touched her phone.

"But I don't need so many cosmetics. They will be overdue."

"If you use it on time, it will be used up quickly. And I don't have much time, so I don't have many chances to go shopping with you. Since you are here now, you should prepare more. In case you need to buy it alone."

'It's true. We don't have many chances to go shopping together in the future.' Gail thought.

After buying the skin care products, James took Gail to a clothing shop and picked up women's and men's clothes for her. To her curiosity, he asked about her grandfather's figure accidentally.

"I can buy my grandfather's clothes by myself. He is not fit for these clothes." She worried that grandfather would be suspicious, and grandpa's clothes were always soft, but these were not suitable to wear at home.

"This is my gift. I saw Andrew wearing the same clothes. You just need to tell me your grandfather's height and weight." James put his hand on her back and comforted her silently.

"Average M size is OK. My grandfather is tall and strong, although he is old." 'Maybe grandpa dares not to age before I grow up.' Gail thought. Most of the other people who were in the same age with Grandpa were old enough to only stay in bed. Once in a while, they just went out for a walk or basking in the sun. And Gail's grandpa needed to grow vegetables and farm chickens and ducks, so he had to do everything by himself.

Gail knew that she should go back to grandpa's side and accompany him to spend the old year in peace, without leaving herself any regret.

'Usually, I don't need to go shopping with her. After all, as long as I

pping, let alone the arrogant James.

"Well, let's talk about it after drinking. I haven't told you yet. I have to rest today. No matter how nervous I am at work, I have to take a rest. I came to you with great interest, but you drove me away. Are you annoyed with me because you have a new boyfriend at school? " Seeing her unnatural smile, James knew what she was thinking.

"Not at all! I wouldn't go shopping with you if I have a new boyfriend! " Although Gail wanted to give up such a good man, she would not cheat on him! He suspected her so much, which made her a little unhappy!

This girl always knew how to hold back her feelings, and fortunately James had known everything.

He took her to buy health care products, tonics and living goods that many old people needed.

James drove directly to his house and told the others to pack up.

When James asked a servant to put the cosmetics he bought for Gail in his room, she looked curiously at his busy figure. They spent half a day together. In order to buy skin care products for himself, he bought so many in the name of her. She didn't expect him to the love of beauty.

This lipstick was Gail's favorite color. James even asked people to put them in his room. Did he use them for private purposes?

As a man, he would never use this, but maybe he would ask someone to bring it down later, or he had forgotten that there was a lipstick in the box which he bought for her!

No, James could corrupt everything else, not this one!

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