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   Chapter 125 The Avenger

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7070

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Gail's face was red, but when she heard James' words, her eyes sparkled. Gail looked at James' eyes with a smile. "What's wrong? I'm happy with you."

James got closer to Gail's ear, "but I know you are not happy. Gai, how about staying with me tonight? "

Gail hesitated, but thinking that this might be the last warm between them, her heart was bitter.

"Okay...... But you still have work to do tomorrow... " Gail had been shy and lowered her head. When she raised her head, she saw James' half smiling eyes and gently bit her lips. Would James laugh at her if she behaved like she was not reserved.

James knew that Gail wouldn't say yes in such a short time, so James was more sure that what she was thinking was related to him, and the time of their relationship. "When James lowered his head, a cold light flashed across his eyes. He guessed that someone must have said something to Gai, otherwise she wouldn't be so sad as if they had met in the end!" James thought!

The next morning, the sunshine was as clear and thin as water sprayed on the feet of the bed. After James opened his eyes.

Gail was sleeping soundly next to James. Her fair and red cheeks were adorable with her brows wrinkled slightly.

James got out of bed quietly and moved his arm under Gail's head out.

When James was about to turn around and leave, he saw Gail's close her eyes and groping something. Her frown deepened. James hurriedly put his arm beside Gail's hand, seeing her lips slightly rise and change a comfortable posture to rest on his arm.

James' heart was like a hamster falling on thick cotton. He felt happy, like stirred coffee.

Gai was so dependent on James, but she didn't tell him what she thought about.

Gail's heart was on James. Her slight frown made James' heart have different pity and love. Gai was such a sensible girl, sensible enough to make people feel sorry for her. Gail didn't tell James because she didn't want him to worry about her.

James had been squatting by the bed until he felt that Gail was asleep. Then he tiptoed to take his arm out that had been pressed numb and too

n his eyes.

Andrew was also confused. He had thought that James wouldn't come to this family, not to mention that no one had invited James. Andrew had no idea what to do next. Looking at his grandson, who looked so young, looked very angry.

Andrew said in a flat voice, "James, what brings you here all of a sudden? Back then, you were standing in front of your father with that expression. But now, you... " As Andrew spoke, he seemed to think of something.

But James didn't move at all. Andrew thought about it, so he sat on the sofa and looked at James calmly.

"Sit down first. Let's have a good talk. Last time, you stood in front of your father because of your mother's matter. I was there at that time. And now, you are standing here because of Gail's matter. She is the most important person in your life. If something went wrong, you would become murderous. James, you should know that we don't hate you. We won't do anything to hurt our children. " Andrew had lived so long that he knew it must be something significant to James.

James slowly walked to the opposite side with a suppressed anger and said, "I know what happened to my mother. I also knew that it was Jiang family that made me run into Julie. This is all because the Jiang family set me up. But this time someone sent a message to Gail to threaten him to leave me. As far as I know, it was someone from the Jiang family! "

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