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   Chapter 123 Lucky

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7036

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Gail called her grandpa in a hurry, but her grandpa didn't answer it until a long time. She waited anxiously as if there was a stone hanging over her heart!

"Gai, why did you call me today? It's not Saturday today. What's up?" Said her grandfather in an old voice, sounding a little worried.

Usually, Gail would call her grandfather on weekends. If she had nothing important to tell him, her grandfather would be worried.

"Grandpa, I just want to call you. I have nothing to do today! Is your leg still painful? Has anything new happened in the village?" If there came some strange people in the village, he should know. After all, many people had entered the city now, and the village had kept some old people and children. If a stranger came, almost everyone would know at the first time.

"My leg hasn't been feeling well recently, but it's an old disease. I'll be fine after taking some medicine. Luckily, there came a voluntary doctor in our village recently, and a lot of people in our village went to the doctor to take medicine. It's just that I haven't had time to go there these two days."

"Grandfather, you must go there. After all, the voluntary doctor should be a well-known doctor. But recently, there are a lot of people in the countryside. Grandfather, you have to make clear of it. Otherwise, I'm afraid that there will be some frauds who deceive you in the name of voluntary doctors." Though it had rarely happened, Gail couldn't help but doubt everything when she received the message. The other party was in the dark, and she was in the open. If the person was as cruel as a wolf and tried all means to reach the goal, she was afraid that the person would see her grandpa in the name of a voluntary doctor.

Her grandpa laughed and said, "Our village is so poor. There is no cheat at all. Well, even if I have to be cheated, I don't have money to be cheated. Gai, don't worry about me. I'm fine at home!"

"Well, Grandpa, take care of yourself. If you have any problem, remember to call me. I don't have class now and I'm not busy." Gail could only hope that her grandpa co

turned out that love was such a thing, like a sweet thing, which was gradually rooted in the heart. Gail's heart was filled with sweetness when James was around, but when he was not around, she missed him crazily. She missed him wildly. At the same time, she was happy, like a playback player, repeating the beautiful scene.

At the gate of the school, she could see him standing under the tree from a long distance. The sunshine sprinkled on his head. He was so handsome as the prince in the fairy tale.

She just wanted to take a good look at him, without being noticed by him. The next second he waved at her, and the bright smile seemed to have melted all her anxiety and worry. Her heart was instantly captivated by his smile, and she ignored the text message.

She thought it might be a trick or a threat. After all, few people was like Melissa. Even if it was Melissa, she didn't have the strength to go to the countryside to look for Gail's grandfather.

Like a happy bird, Gail ran towards James. If the time allowed, she would definitely run into his arms and enjoy his kiss. But she had to stop in front of the school gate and get in his car to leave.

James turned to look at the quiet girl and asked, "Gai, did you miss me? I haven't seen you for a few days and you seem to become more beautiful. Have you been pestered by any other boy lately? If this happens, you must tell me."

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