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   Chapter 121 In Pairs And Couples

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6666

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Gail and James smiled at each other. Iris and Jackson had known each other! That saved a lot of trouble!

It turned out that Iris had met Jackson before and had a bad time with him before.

During the winter vacation, Iris met Jackson who was buying something with others in the street. Iris knew very well that Jackson was like a lamb to be slaughtered. She didn't intend to tell him, but when she saw Jackson's bright smile, long legs and handsome little figure, she decided to expose the lie of the stall owner. In fact, the stall owner was not easy, and she was also very guilty. She bought the stall owner a snack for her, but the stall owner didn't appreciate it and cursed Iris severely!

Iris was so ashamed that she fled in a panic by a taxi! The handsome guy didn't flirt with her. Instead, she ruined her own image! There were always unhappy things that people deliberately forgot. If Iris hadn't seen Jackson, she couldn't remember what happened at all!

Iris grabbed Gail's arm in surprise and said, "Gai, I didn't expect that he is your boyfriend's friend. It is...... I can't explain it in a few words. "

Gail pulled Iris' arm away and pressed her ear under her hand, "have you been interested in him since then? If you like him, just go after him! But I have to remind you, this person does not seem to have any love, only that...... "

Iris waved her hand and answered to Gail, "I don't care as long as I like. I believe I'm his type. " While saying that, Iris took a glance at Jackson, who was singing, with great shyness.

Sitting next to Gail, James said, "what are you two talking about? You are so careful, we could not hear what you are talking."

Gail turned to James and said, "girls shouldn't tell their secrets to the public. So we must be careful."

Since they were whispering, Iris stood up and walked to Jackson. The friends who had been invited by James to accompany the beauty, saw the beauty had not arrived, was beat them to it by Jackson, then no

with a gene! "

Gail grabbed James' arm, not knowing how to comfort him. Perhaps she could not understand that there were too many conflicts between him and his father. At that time, Gail hated her mother very much because her mother wanted to remarry other because her father went crazy. But later when Gail' mother was sick and passed away, she was also very sad. She regretted that she didn't understand her mother and that she hated her mother. However, sometimes Gail felt that her mother didn't love her enough, so she couldn't bear her mother to abandon her.

Gail comforted James gently, "let's stop talking about that. I'm curious about what kind of story happened between Daniel and Cherry. Your uncle is really weird. Doesn't he have to work? I think Daniel must be living a pretty happy life, as he does nothing but idle every day. "

James said. "Yes, I think that he is the only one who has a good life in the Jiang family. He is nicer to me. He is older than me, but only a little older than me. Sometimes, we are just friends. He and Cherry are a perfect match. "

"But I don't think a woman like Cherry would like your uncle. After all, Daniel is kidding!"

"Who is kidding? James, your wife secretly spoke ill of me. What are you going to do with it? " All of a sudden, a familiar voice said to them!

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