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   Chapter 119 Iris

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6763

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When Noble returned home, he saw his father, James and Gail sitting on the sofa and chatting with each other.

"Dad, why don't you show your partiality to Cherry? After all, she calls you Grandpa!" Noble looked at them and shouted!

Andrew shook his stick and scolded, "how dare you say that! Why don't you go by yourself since you are so eager to get on her father? Why do you only want to make your son's happiness as a trade! You have married such a young woman. Are you sure that the child is yours? "

"Dad! How could you say that? I'm your son! You... "

"Shut up! Now that you know I'm your father, don't interfere with James' affairs! If you feel sorry for James, then stay out of this! " Holding a crutch in both hands, Andrew was tough!

"But I...... I have been faced with some problems! "

"It's all because she's speaking something behind your back. I'm telling you, you'll regret it one day!" Noble said.

Sitting there awkwardly, Gail was sad since James admitted in person that he was an illegitimate child. But now, it seemed that James was not self-abased because of his illegitimate child, but because of his father. He was more willing to call this illegitimate child aside from the relationship between them!

Logically speaking, James was not an illegitimate child. He hated his father because he hadn't seen his mother since he was a child!

Noble was driven back to his home by Andrew, and Andrew said he was going to rest, then returned to his room.

But before Andrew left, he said with a smile, "Gail I have arranged a room for both of you. You can stay here with me tonight. If you are not used to it, just ask the servants to arrange for you."

Blushed, Gail nodded, but she felt there was some sort of inquiry or expectation in his eyes!

'Andrew has shown that he invited us to stay in his house on purpose. Does he want to see my reaction with James, or does he have other intention?' Gail wondered.

"What are you thinking about? Go to sleep." James took Gail's hand and

nd I have no experience at all. Since Sherry has a boyfriend, I can't just sit here and do nothing. I'm so sad that the person in my mind is so unreasonable! Gai, do you have any resources? Could you introduce them to me? " Gai got to know Iris well, and Gail knew what Iris liked to eat now.

"No problem! Although most people around James are playboys, just in case someone is the one for you. Gail thought, anyway Iris was to forget a person and made friends with James' friends, those people would not mess around.

"Well, it's up to you. Anyway, I don't mind it now. I just want to have fun. I'm about to get lice." Iris ate with great relish, but she said such disgusting little bugs.

"All right, all right, can you still enjoy your meal?" Then Gail picked up the phone and was about to tell James about it.

She felt a little guilty in her heart. She had always been accompanied by Iris, but now she abandoned Iris because of James.

Gail didn't know how Iris had spent the past two days. Iris had been sad about Jake, but Gail had left when Iris was in urgent need.

"You guy get me the right guy, if there's no handsome boy I'll break your leg. You should blame yourself for not caring about me. I almost committed suicide because of love! "

While Gail was blaming herself, Iris said angrily. Gail was scared by Iris' words!

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