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   Chapter 118 To Stay

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7372

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"Humph, then let's wait for your company to go bankrupt!" As soon as James finished his words, he turned around and was about to leave. James didn't want to waste his time on such a meaningless thing!

Andrew wanted to say something, but he saw that Cherry rushed to them two steps. "James, do you really have no feelings for me? You said you wanted to be with me. Do you really like the woman who has nothing? " Cherry couldn't believe it. She knew what kind of family Gail came from. Gail could never compare with her. That was why she came to the Jiang family with confidence.

A drop of tear fell down. Cherry was so determined to get James. She did not expect James to be so determined.

At a loss for what to do, Gail pulled at James' sleeve. As a result, James stopped and said, "if you hadn't pushed me so hard, I wouldn't have hated you so much. I have said those harsh words. But you are all too conceited. The one who wants to hold me in his hand, I will never be too polite. "

Cherry bit her lips and stared at James.

When James was about to leave, his grandfather said to him, "you and Gai can stay here tonight. I have a lot to say! "

Cherry lowered her head, trying to hide her emotions. It was say that Andrew already accepted the relationship between them and James had succeeded. Cherry turned around, grabbed her bag, wiped her tears and ran out of the door quickly.

Cursing at James angrily, Noble almost lost his mind, but he had no choice and to go after Cherry!

Daniel also knew that it was not good, after all, she was a hot potato, so he rushed out to chase after Cherry too. This woman was actually quite attractive. Maybe he could have a try!

Andrew laughed again as if he hadn't seen what was happening outside. "You two stay here tonight. I can support your marriage. James, I know you're still mad at us. But we're family after all. We can sit down and talk about everything. "

James was standing still, Gail stared at him with a lingering fear. Gail could see that James was not close to Andrew's family, but the gift to Andrew, although it was given in his name, he could distinguish between kindness and hostility.

At this time, Andrew gave Gail a h

avior, but after tonight, I promise you'll throw yourself at me!

Cherry suddenly stopped and asked, "what are you doing?"

"What are you thinking about?" Daniel patted her on the head and said, "are you going or not? If not, I'm going to sleep. Let me take you out for fun and forget about the unhappiness. You must have never been to any domestic bar. I'm sure you'll like it! "

"Let's go. I've been constrained, but I'm not happy tonight! Want to drink and have fun! " Cherry dried her tears and was incited by Daniel.

Daniel drove the car out of the yard and went to the place where he was most familiar with.

On the other side, Noble had known that it wouldn't be dangerous for the time being since Daniel had took Cherry away. Daniel said he'd keep Cherry wouldn't tell on them tonight and she wouldn't do it tomorrow. Noble couldn't believe Daniel, but it was all he could do now, or his company would be over! Since James had emptied all his resources in a short period of time and the economy of his foreign companies had also been affected, he had to rely on the CEO of the FY Group, which was Cherry's father.

At that time, Noble just wanted James to inherit his company and let him take over the company of the RF Group. But Noble could still manage the company abroad by himself. After all, he had not reached the age of retirement. Now his little wife had a younger son, and he still wanted to leave some family property to the younger son.

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