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   Chapter 114 Bastard

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7627

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On the QH Tidal Flats, James held Gail's hand and said softly, "Gai, what happened yesterday is really an accident. Will you blame me for that?"

Hearing that Gail's face turned red and she didn't say anything.

"Of course you should blame me. It never occurred to me that you would drink that glass of tea, it's all Jackson done! But I will be responsible for you. From now on, you are mine. I will be responsible for you to the end. "

Standing on the soft beach, Gail lowered her head and said with a red face, "I found that the tea tasted bad. But I didn't expect it happened so soon...... I wasn't prepared...... I mean I won't blame you since that happened. After all, we like each other. You don't have to be too... "

James put his hand above Gail's head and pulled her close to him. "Gai, look at me. You can scold me if you are mad at me."

Gail was too shy to talk about it, so she buried her face in his chest.

At this moment, James' cell phone rang and saved Gail from the embarrassment.

With Gail's head still on James' chest, she heard his magnetic voice, "what's the matter?"

James spoke in a cold voice, which was completely different from the previous one. And Gail also listened to him carefully. Did he have something urgent to deal with?

"When? I still have something to deal with today. You take care of the company first. If you have any trouble, let me know at any time. "

Gail secretly smiled, 'is it because of me that he says he can't leave me alone?'

"Let's talk about it later. I have to go now."

She raised her head and smiled at him. "What's the matter? You can go back to your work if you are busy. I can go to school. "

James poked Gail's nose and added, "you want to drive me away? You think too much. I just want to be with you now. I don't want to go anywhere. I'll keep pestering you. "

"Oh, but you are so busy with your business. Do you have any big activities recently? If you are busy, you really don't have to care about me! " He had been out of town in the last month of his absence. Now he came back with Gail, which might affect his work.

He wanted to say something more, but the phone in his pocket rang again.

"Daniel, it's better for you to call me at this time, especially something very importan

grandfather was the blessing of God for her. But in others' eyes, she didn't deserve James. But he was so confident in Gail, Gail didn't know how to deal with it.

"You are my woman. Yours are mine. Mine is yours. I only want to be with you. If they fall in love with a girl from a rich family, they can marry her. I only want you. Yesterday was also my first time. I dedicated myself to you. Of course you should be responsible for me. I have been responsible for you. Would you like to rise and fall with me together? "

"……" Gail's face was as red as an apple. James made an affronted threat to her, but his tone was aggrieved, It was the first time Gail had heard it. 'I have to admit that sometimes he is eloquent. He can always convince me with a few words, ' she thought.

"If you don't say anything, I'll take it as a yes." After saying that, James lowered his head happily and gave a kiss on Gail's lips. "You're so cute. Keep it!" He couldn't help kissing and pinching her on the face when he saw Gail staring at him.

"You...... What are you doing here? "

"I know exactly what you mean, don't I? Come on, I'll take you to tidy it up. After all, Cherry is not easy to deal with! But in my eyes, you are much better than her! Don't to be disgraced, you hear me? "

"Humph! I will to be disgraced!" Gail was so angry, If he disliked and avoided her, he could find someone else.

He touched her head gently and said, "I'd like to. Anyway, you are much better than them!"

"……" Gail was speechless!

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