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   Chapter 113 Resistance

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After the meal, somehow, Gail began to feel sleepy.

"Let's go to the QH Tidal Flats to feel the breeze. What do you think?" James took Gail out of the restaurant and touched her nose.

"Okay. Gail lazily laughed.

"Are you tired?" James put his hand on Gail's waist, "how about going back to rest? I'll take you to my home."

As soon as Gail heard that they were going to James' family, she became a little sober. But Gail didn't want to answer James directly, so she pointed at James' car and said, "your car is too dazzling. I don't like sitting in a luxury car. Every time you drive me to school, there will be many people watching us. You can pick me up with the cheap one. " Gail intimately held James' arm, approached him with a smile. "How about you send me to school? I'm sleepy."

James held Gail in his arms. "I can change the car. But I can't send you back to school. You should go to another place. Maybe we can find a place to let you sleep. It seems that it is very easy to sleepy in spring and autumn. Look at my kitten, I can't bear to see you walk around. "

Gail flung herself hastily from his arms "Well...... Okay, let's take a walk on the QH Tidal Flats. I'm not sleepy now. It's a beautiful spring, and I can't waste my time. I haven't walked for a long time and I don't know whether the water is clear. "

He knew what was on her mind, but he didn't expose it. After all, it was impossible for her to escape from him today.

"Then let's have a walk by the river."

James still had something to explain. Although the thing happened yesterday was an accident, he was still worried about Gail.

Sitting in the car, Gail seemed to be in a good mood. Her face was rosy. James really wanted Gail to sit beside him all the time. Gail's skin was very white, which was healthy. With a spiritual energy that made James unable to take away his eyes, James always felt that she was different from others. When James first saw Gail, he felt something very attractive about Gail. Now he realized that it might be the so-called opposite sexes attract each ot

ry on me. Is really defeated, a little resistance is not!' James thought!

But James couldn't show it. He wanted to continue to enjoy being coaxed by Gail. James pulled over the car in a serious manner and looked at Gail indifferently. "Then how do you compensate me? I'll forgive you as long as you make me happy. "

Okay? James turned his head to look at Gail seriously, the deep eyes made Gail unable to move her eyes.

"This ..." Gail was always irresistible to such a James.

James was indeed a handsome man. Gail did not know it well that she was an anthomaniac, until she met James. When Gail met James for the first time, she felt that she had fallen in love with him.

"Do you know, this move, it's easy to overthink" James' voice was obscure but Gail heard it clearly.

"It's too..." But before Gail could finish her words

James kissed her.

James could never ignore her performance. His heart was softened by her slight movement and eye contact!

James suddenly felt that a girl could be so attractive to him without any reason.

James had met so many girls who threw themselves at him, but none of them attracted him. So he once suspected if there was something wrong with himself.

But now James knew he was normal. If anyone said that he was abnormal, he would definitely come up with a method to prove that he intend to be married and have children.

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