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   Chapter 112 Sharp Tongue

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7483

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"What are you talking about? I am not her elder sister." Looking at the two girls as if they were eager to eat her, Gail spoke in a low voice with a smile on her face.

James reached out his hand and grabbed her hand, looking at her with his burning eyes, as if others were not here. He said, "I have slept with you. The rest are only formalities. If you like, I will take you to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get our marriage license the other day."

Gail's face flushed red. She bit her lips and lowered her head, not daring to look into his eyes.

It was so obvious that he just wanted others to be more hostile to her.

Emily and Melissa quite understood what James meant. They made eye contact and looked at Gail at the same time.

They could tell from Gail's face full of shyness and the way James looked at her. When Gail lowered her head, a red mark was partly hidden and partly visible on her neck. Was it?

Could they?

Melissa couldn't force a smile anymore! It was said that Mr. James always kept his chastity and he hated it the most when others forced him to have sex with other women. Also, Emily thought that James was a germaphobe and he always kept his chastity. But at this time… How could he have sex with an ordinary senior student, Gail?


Emily stood up angrily, "How shameless you are, Gail! How dare you seduce James?" She pointed Gail's nose and cursed angrily. Tears seemed to fall from her eyes.

Gail shook off James's hand, held back her anger and disappointment, and looked down at the floor ahead.

"Stop, Emily! Don't let me repeat it again. She is your elder sister from now on. And you, Melissa! Don't try abetting Emily to hurt Gai through lies. If I know your intention on Gai again, you will see your huge scandal and video next time! If you dare to do that, I'll make you regret during the rest of your life!" James had murderous look in his eyes. He didn't expect that Melissa would stay with Emily. Everyone could see her intention.

But if he didn't want to make his hand dirty, he would have made Melissa disappear from his sight at once.

"Why do you always stand by Gail's side, James? What's so good about her? Why did you still stay with her, although she treated you b

re a kind girl who forgets the pain once the wound is healed. Be careful of that kind of person, especially Melissa. She could rediscover her conscience unless the sun rises in the west. I'm afraid that one day you'll be cheated by her tricks."

"No. I know what kind of person Melissa is better than anyone else. After all, we have known each other for four years. It's just that I know she is more pathetic than I thought, but I won't sympathize with her! But Emily is still young. She is only a freshman."

"Let's forget her. She has been spoiled since she was a child. She can't see anyone better than her. If one day she can grow up, it will probably take a long time." When the waitress began to serve the dishes, James put the tableware in front of her on the table.

"Wow, you have ordered so many dishes. Isn't it too wasteful?" When Gail saw the delicious food, her eyes were shining.

James smiled gently. "You was tired last night. You should eat more today."

Hearing what he said, the color on Gail's face turned even redder.

"How dare you kick me? But you have to eat more now. You have to serve me tonight." Then James took her a large bowl of soup.

"……" Gail's ears and neck turned red. "No!"

"Well, it's not up to you!"

"You..." Gail stepped on James's foot again.

"You really don't like no footprint on my shoes, do you?"

"Eat more, and you don't need to talk much."

"Honey, you are right. I'll eat more, and you should eat more, too."


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