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   Chapter 111 Bossy

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Gail opened her eyes again, which was awakened gently by the sun at noon.

James kissed Gail to wake her up. When he came out of the bathroom, he saw Gail wrapped in quilt looking at him.

"My clothes...... Give me the bathrobe. I also want to take a shower. " James blushed and looked at James.

James turned around awkwardly and went to the bathroom to take out a bathrobe. Then he gave Gail a kiss on her forehead.

Gail quickly put on her bathrobe and ran to the bathroom. After that, James took out his phone and called someone to pack two suits of clothes.

After showering, Gail found there were two sets of young clothes of the latest style on the tea table.

Under James' gaze, Gail chose one and went to the bathroom to get changed.

James waited patiently for Gail to come out. When he saw her red face, he couldn't help but reach out and pinch it.

Gail's face was so tender that as if it could been pinched the water out. She was so beautiful today that James couldn't take his eyes off her.

Gail was embarrassed by James' stare. "Why are you staring at me? Let's go." If I didn't go back soon, Iris would be very worried about her.

"Gai is getting more and more beautiful. Of course I want to see her often. With these words, James held her by the waist and took her out of the room dotingly.

"Can I borrow your phone for a while? I want to call Iris. Gail didn't expect that she left the first morning and took a nap from there until noon... Time past quickly.

"Your phone is dead?" Then James handed the phone to Gail. "In fact, you should have told me earlier. I have brought the charger, so you can charge it."

"Well, it doesn't matter. I'll just make one call. Just tell Iris not to worry me. " Gail followed James downstairs.

After Gail called Iris, Iris first said why night won't dormitory return not to tell her. Gail hesitated for a long time before she told Iris that she had arranged a secret meeting with James. When it came to an accident, she didn't have t

n? I miss you so much." With that, Emily sat beside James and held his arm.

Now, Melissa now saw James is more mannered. She smiled at Gail politely. "Hi, Gail. You're much more beautiful than before."

Looking at the two walking together and echoing each other, there was no emotion in Gail's eyes.

James pushed Emily's hand away gently and said, "you're a university student. You would show respect to your sister-in-law."

As soon as Emily heard about sister-in-law, her smile froze. But still, she put on a smiling face and wrapped around James. "James, don't make fun of me. You know I like you." The person Emily disliked the most was Gail, but now Gail was still sitting in front of James.

"Gail. You know each other. Since you call me brother, then she is your sister-in-law. 'From now on, it's always and will never change.' And Andrew agreed with Gai? I heard that on that day you were more clear on the spot than me to get his recognition, which is to get all the people's recognition. " With James' eyes fixed on Gail tenderly, he switched his gaze to Emily with some alienation and impatience.

The person James hated the most was those people who were not discerning.

Gail looked at them with a faint smile. Melissa didn't show any unhappiness on her face, But the palm of her hand on her leg was out of shape.

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