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   Chapter 109 Can't Help

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6818

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James immediately took out his phone with the other hand and called Jackson, "has the doctor arrived? What is it?"

Jackson frowned, "maybe it's a kind of relatively bad medicine. But the doctor will come soon and It requires you to work to alleviate it. Oh...... I have something urgent to do. I will leave first. Bye! "

How James wished he could kill Jackson!

After James threw away the phone, the doctor quickly went to the room.

James stood up and asked the doctor to check Gail condition, but his arm was grasped tightly by Gail. So James had to hold Gail in his arms and let the doctor check her up.

"She drank a cup of tea. My friend says it's a bad medicine. See how to cure it now!" James said coldly.

The doctor pushed up his heavy glasses and nodded. "I know. It's Jackson who asked me to come. He's messing around! The girl was a virgin. If Jackson did this, he would hurt her. I have prepared the medicine, but it can't completely cure her. If it doesn't work in an hour, you may have to solve it in person. "

"……" He was gloomier, his surprise turned into a fright

That Jackson, did he really think everyone is like him? To fall in love was to make love!

"If I don't do that, what will be negative effects. Can't the drug you use completely solve the problem?"

"This medicine has been circulating among folks recently. It is rarely seen in the normal market. Only a few people have it. Jackson really meant well, but things went wrong. After all, the drug was very expensive and a kind of premium medicine. "The doctor explained to James while using the medicine!

"Well, the premium medicine! It's nothing more than a trick that playboy likes to use to deceive himself! "

The doctor nodded. Although Jackson's friend was a good man, his cold and murderous nature made the doctor uncomfortable. "Yes, you are right. I'll try to relieve her. After all, there is no other antidote except for the personally treatment!"


The soft bed was almost smashed!

The doctor injected some medic

At this moment, James really wanted to kill people, which was the woman he loved most. If waited for the medicine to wear off, she would be sad.

Gail was such a beautiful woman. If James hurt her, she should hate him.

However, Gail had lost her mind. She really wanted to drink water.

"James, I...... I want to drink some water. I'm hot, you..... Can you turn on the air conditioner? "

"James...... Why don't you answer me...... James... "

"James...... Whoops, James doesn't talk to me, you don't love me anymore, right? "

She stood up and held his waist. "I feel sad, James. Am I going to die? Why am I so sad?"

James handed a glass of water to Gail, "Gai, drink water."

Gail drank the water in one gulp. Although her stomach was full, her mouth was parched and her tongue scorched.

Gail put down the glass, and her last sanity gave her a headache.

"James! Why am I so hot James... You... "

"Gai, you go to bed first. I will come back later." James tried to push Gail away.

"No, you can't leave me, you can't leave me alone...... James, I miss you so much. You can't leave me alone... " Gail couldn't help telling James what she really thought.

Hearing Gail saying she missed him, James' mind was in turmoil!

James then picked up his phone and called Jackson, but nobody answered!

That guy must dare not accept it!

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