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   Chapter 108 . Take The Wrong Medicine

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6630

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While Jackson was feeling annoyed, he received a instruction from James.

James actually pressed the "3" button, which means there was no need for the first two?

When Jackson was hesitating, James pressed the "3" again and cast a cold and impatient glance in his direction.

To avoid any unnecessary trouble, they used the remote control to show the process.

Jackson hurriedly sent for the third stage to be prepared directly and rushed to see the progress.

"What? Don't you want the flowers prepared by your boss? And this glass of wine, are you going to give up? " A waiter who was preparing things in order asked.

Jackson waved his hand impatiently and said, "No, no. go to prepare the room and wait for instructions again!"

"How about the lunch?" The cook quickly came out and asked.

He had received the order yesterday. It was not appropriate to cancel it!

"Save it for now. I'll go and see what else there is." Then Jackson hurried to the window to see how they were.

He looked at the teacup and suddenly thought of something. No wonder! " That was...... Why did Jackson forget to bring it back? He only did an experiment at that time......

After a while, Gail felt a little bit uncomfortable.

"How come it's so hot? James, I want some water." Gail looked at the cup on the opposite and felt there was water in it. She reached for it.

James suddenly became very nervous. He remembered that Jackson randomly put something in the teacup and the teacup in front of him was exactly the one.

Jackson also said that if there were any problems, James would not delay the future of Gail. After all, both of them hope to have a normal family. If James didn't have children, Gail would be sad.

James wasn't sure. He was just aware of his own health.

"Gai, this cup of tea is cold. I'll get you a pot of tea. "James didn't know if the tea is drugged. He definitely can't let Gail drink it again.

"Don't worry. I want it cold." Gail was thirsty,

er a while, James went to the door of the room, and there was someone who opened the door for him and offered him a pot of lemonade by the way.

James put Gail down and turned around to pour her some water. But his clothes were grasped tightly by Gail.

"Please don't leave, James. I want you to stay with me. My stomach...... No, I feel terrible. You have to accompany me. " Gail's tone was aggrieved, afraid that James would leave.

James immediately sat on the bed and gently touched Gail's forehead. "Honey, I'm just pouring water for you. Aren't you thirsty?"

"No, I don't want to drink water. I was afraid you wouldn't come back. That's how my mom left me. She said she wanted to see my dad, but she never came back. " She closed her eyes which were covered with the steam and had bad memories.

"Gai, I'm here. I'll always be by your side." Seeing Gail's wet eyes, James really wanted to strangle Jackson!

If Gail knew that she had drunk something that she shouldn't drink after she woke up, would she think that James had done it on purpose......

What should James do? Would she be angry and break up with him?

"James, stay with me." Gail sat up like a gentle cat and held James' arm.

Holding Gail's forehead, James said tenderly, "Okay, I'll be with you."

"James, I...... I feel bad... "

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