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   Chapter 107 You're Coming

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7010

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After walking up the stairs, Jackson took Gail through the stone path winding in the garden, and came to the simple pavilion that was built on the support of white marble. In fact, the foliage plants on both sides seemed to be very popular, and the small flowers were placed in the middle of leaves, like a group of mischievous guys.

Gail was pleased to see small flowers and plants. She felt happy. Everywhere was quiet. She couldn't help but wonder what kind of activity Jackson was going to do and he even told her it was James's idea. Was Jackson going to invite some friends to have tea in such a good weather?

But she had nothing to do with it!

'When will James come back? He haven't called me these two days. And he didn't say good night to me either. I'm not happy, ' Gail mused.

"Where are you taking me to? Why is it so quiet here in such a good weather? Are you going to take me there to see you chatting and drinking tea? I am not used to seeing strangers. Besides, if James is not here, I am not fit to come here. But the environment here is very good. It does not look like a place for men." Somehow, Gail talked more than she could imagine.

Hearing her words, Jackson turned around and smiled, "You'll know later. Don't worry."

Em? What was she so anxious about?

Gail had no choice but to follow him. She didn't want to be regarded as a bumpkin by him. She looked at the scenery on both sides with an expectation in her heart. Maybe it would be better if James could come back and watch the view with her.

"Mind the step." As Jackson spoke, he reached out his hand and gave Gail the tip to put her hand on his hand.

Although she knew that it was just a friendly western etiquette to put her hand on his hand, she was not used to it.

Gail smiled faintly as she walked up with her dress lifted and said, "It's okay. You can walk ahead. I'm not weak."

Jackson smiled and put his hand down, he thought that the woman that James had fallen in love with was so unique. Both of them had interest in Gail at that time, but James was serious and he was just curiou

ad a good sleep recently."

James clenched the other hand of hers, "You are heartless! You didn't know I was really thinner. But you don't know my body, how can you know that? I know you've lost a lot of weight. I could feel your hard bones when I held you."

She blushed and turned to look at him. "I was wearing thick clothes when you left. Now the weather is so good. Of course you feel different. I'm not that skinny. I have some flesh..." Her face turned redder as she said this.

Gail remembered that last time they talked about this kind of thing, he still disliked her body.

'Hum, I'm not happy at all. If he had disliked my body, why wouldn't he have found a girl with better figure?'

With a bright smile, he held her waist and answered, "No. I know that you have a good figure. I was worried that you might be hungry, so I found an excuse to buy you delicious snacks."

Looking at the two people in the distance, Jackson swore unkindly. James asked him to invite Gail to come here to give her a surprise, and then such an important task had fallen on him. However, when James saw Gail, he didn't do anything about any plan. Jackson stood there waiting for the instructions for a long time, but James did not take any action!

Alas, if Jackson hadn't seen that the tree would finally bloom, he would have left!

And, when he saw them together, he felt very uncomfortable.

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