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   Chapter 106 Pick You Up

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7109

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The person who hid the deepest in the university for four years was Iris. She was in a relationship with a person on the screen for four years.

'Jake is such a bastard. How could he ruin a girl's wonderful youth like this?' Gail reflected. Jake definitely knew that Iris liked him, but he never wanted to cut her off. Instead, Iris had been loving him online for four years.

Gail patted Iris' back, It was a good thing Jake wasn't all bad and felt lucky that he did not harm Iris' body and mind.

But when Gail thought about it later, she found it was the most miserable way to control Iris. Jake controlled Iris like a human face puppet, and used her as a chatting tool to help distract his dull work.

Jake just got a little better in his career recently, so he found a girlfriend soon after he turned around.

"Iris, Don't be afraid at all. Just take it as a dream. You can wake up. Luckily, you don't have feelings for him now, and he doesn't give you too much thought. 'Iris, you will find someone better and love you with all his heart.' You wouldn't have seen the one you are destined to meet if you hadn't met this scum. Am I right? For the past four years, you have been recalling all these things quietly. " Gail held Iris in her arms and patted on Iris' back.

In fact, Gail didn't know how to comfort Iris. She felt lucky that she hadn't encountered such a thing. However, everyone had a different emotional path. If you didn't make it to the end, no one could see clearly where they were going. Back then, Iris had a crush on Jake. 'he is the one Iris can't see and touch on the phone, ' Gail thought! Just like now, when Gail couldn't see James, she still chose to believe him and waited for him to come back. Once you fall in love with someone, there is no turning back for you. Because once your heart stops loving someone, there is no turning back for you.

After Iris had cried and drunk up, she shouted to go home. Although Gail was still sober, she could not hold Iris. The night was deepened and there were not many people around. It was a little cold at night when they drank too much wine. Howe


"Cough...... Don't worry. I'm not James' uncle. We have known each other for such a long time. And it was James' idea. I don't know when he will come back, but he wants you to come. I have something for you. As James' best friend, I should give him something as a gift. What do you take me for? If you don't come, I won't give you any money when you get married"

Cash gift...... Now they told about this...... Wasn't it too early? '.

Gail sheepishly agreed, "Well, I've got so many people looking for me lately. I should be careful. I'll trust you for now. Call me when it's time. "

"Okay, see you later! "

"See you later!" Hanging up the phone, Gail decided to go back to her dormitory and change her clothes in case that the rich second generation would dislike her.

The weather was getting better. Gail put on her favorite long dress, flesh colored stockings and a pair of light colored shoes. She was neither arrogant nor rash.

The car stopped in front of a family style tea house. The European style architecture was so eye-catching.

"You are here, Gail. Nice. You know to change your clothes. I should have told you this, but fortunately you are clever. " Jackson teased while leading Gail inside.

"I know you rich young prince and princess like to talk people about clothes. I know this kind of common sense." Gail didn't agree with their view of judging people by their appearance.

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