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   Chapter 104 Trouble Marker

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7024

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Gail and Iris enjoyed the peach blossom in the mountain. Walking down the mountain, they felt the spring breeze blowing into their faces, which made them feel so happy that they didn't want to go back to the school at the moment.

"Gai, do you want to eat snail in the snack street?" Iris blinked at her with a tender look.

"……" Iris must want to go out again. But it was rare to see such a good weather, so it was normal that she didn't want to stay in the room.

"Gai, I think you need a dress now. You're with James, so you can't wear clothes like a bumpkin? You should let us proud of you." Iris pointed at Gail's clothes. It had been a long time since she had worn a new one.

Gail lowered her head and looked at her clothes, "I don't think so. This style isn't out of date, is it? And the clothes that I bought last year can't be called bumpkin this year."

"But you have a beautiful face, which give people a lasting impression." Iris continued encouraging Gail to go shopping.

Gail looked at Iris and knew she was just making excuses for going shopping and eating.

Gail crossed her arms over her chest, "Do you want to buy some clothes and eat something, Iris? Just say it if you want to buy clothes. Don't take me as an excuse! That's a little bit unkind. The handsome boy makes you energetic, but you can't ask me to spend a lot of money."

"No. No. Since you know what I mean, let's go? Well, if you don't want to buy anything, then you just don't buy it. Gai, go shopping with me. I don't like wearing a lot of clothes..." After coaxing Gail for a while, Iris finally went shopping.

Gail held Iris's hand and sighed with profound resignation, "I know your mom has remitted money to you. Let's go now."

"Yes, you're right. You know everything!" Iris admitted with embarrassment.

It occurred to Gail that she met James and that beautiful woman in a shopping mall the other day. Since then, she hadn't gone shopping.

Gail was unlike others that somebody remitted money to their account regularly. Therefore, she must carefully spent every penny, and every dress was b

dents. Although we don't have much knowledge, we still have many new knowledge and novel ideas. If you use them at the right time, you would surely succeed. Gai, I trust you. You're competent at working with your hands. I'm looking forward to seeing your success." Iris really supported Gail all the time. Whatever Gail wanted to do, she seldom failed.

"Oh. It's interesting that you two talk about ideal on the street! You two have nothing and want to be famous. Fortunately, I heard it, otherwise if others heard that, they would laugh at you. Ha-ha!" Melissa appeared in front of them, covering her mouth with a sneer.

Hearing the voice, Iris was unpleasant. She looked up and smiled, "Why are you here? Why would the rich lady come to a place where the poor like? I'm afraid that you've got lost. But it's true that dogs living in large houses are easy to get lost on the street. If your dogs are lost here, it will be a big loss. You'd better find them quickly. You can use the navigation device for your dogs, or you can watch your dogs. Don't let your dogs go out and bite people randomly!"

"Who are you calling a dog? Don't be so arrogant, Iris! You are the only one who can make friends with Gail, this scheming bitch! We all know that the one you love is Jake, but he likes Gail. "Humph," Melissa looked cool in the wind, wearing a pair of high heels, black stockings and a miniskirt,

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