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   Chapter 103 . Luck In Love

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7180

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"Gai, what are you looking at?" Seeing that Gail was in a daze, Iris followed her sight.

"Hey, Iris, I saw a handsome man over there. Let's go and see him." Gail turned around and pointed at the road packed with people in the distance.

"That's great! I really want to meet handsome guys under the peach tree!" Luckily, Iris didn't notice Jake.

Because Iris noticed that standing next to Jake is a long hair with sunglasses beautiful girl.

It turned out that Jake liked that kind of girl. But Gail was still worried Iris was with Jake. So it was a chances to give her to meet a better one. When Iris saw Jake stand with other girls, she would certainly feel uncomfortable.

Gail took Iris and followed a foreign handsome guy with fair skin and blond hair. Moreover, he was alone!

"Gai, I feel my consciousness is so shallow. I'm actually in love with that cold man, and he has a girlfriend. I never expect that the handsome foreign guy is really handsome! Look at his long legs, and he's wearing short shirts and short pants. We all wear long suits. Isn't he cold? "

"Wow, he seems to see me. He can understand what I'm saying, can't he?" Iris suddenly covered her mouth said quietly to Gail, her face was as red as a tomato. Perhaps it was because the sun was too bright, or perhaps it was because the handsome foreign guy was too charming.

After a while, the handsome man stopped and took photos.

Iris and Gail stopped at a place where they could observe.

"Gai, look at him! His hair and beard are all golden, and the hair all over his body is golden, isn't it? " While saying that, Iris covered her eyes by her hands, as if she had recalled something that could not be described.

Without thinking too much, Gail replied, "I think so. He is not the yellow race. He is handsome and he has big eyes and fair skin. I bet his family are beautiful. If he had a younger sister, she would be a beauty! "

"Yes, but I care more about him...... Uh, does his nose hair...... "

"Em?" That was totally unbelievable. Gail looked at Iris who was thinking of the wrong thing.

"Nothing. I was just guessing. It's fun! Haha, if I

. Besides, he is so handsome that I dare not look at him. '. Iris thought.

"Hurry up. Take out your phone and take more photos." Worried about Iris, Gail took out her phone from her pocket.

"Let's take a picture together. I have a selfie stick. I can lend it to you."

Since Iris was in a daze, She was smitten by the handsome man in front of her.

Iris took a lot of photos with him and also took many of them with the help of Gail.

Iris waved her hand and said goodbye to him, absent-minded. She regretted not having given him a phone number until she couldn't see him.

"Look at you, loser." Gail gave Iris the phone.

At this moment, a handsome man and a pretty woman walked towards them.

Iris was only a little stunned, and then happily greeted them.

"What a coincidence! Jake, you come here to see the peach blossom, too?" Iris' smile was impeccable, just as beautiful as the peach flowers here.

"Yes. The peach flowers are beautiful. We would miss them if we don't take a look at them," Jake replied with a playful smile.

"Yes. You can continue to watch the peach flowers. And we had a rest in here for a while." Iris still smiled in an innocent way, but everyone knew that she meant that she didn't allow them to rest with her in the pavilion.

Hearing that, the corners of Gail's mouth twitched slightly. Why did she suddenly have so much courage?

Handsome boys were indeed very charming!

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