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   Chapter 86 Take The Initiative

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6603

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"Hello, who's that?" Iris rested one of her hands on her hips as if she was leisurely.

"This is James. I need to talk to Gail. Please transfer it for me."

'Oh my God! It's James?

What should I do?' Iris didn't know how to answer it.

"Hello, are you Iris? Is Gail not in the dormitory?" Hearing no response from the other end of the line, James asked out of courtesy.

"Gail is not in the dorm. I'll tell her when she comes back. She'll be back soon." Iris decided to wait until Gail had washed her hair.

"All right. You must help me transfer it. Thank you."

Startled by his sincerity, Iris smiled and said, "You're welcome. Then I'll hang up. I'll call her back. Bye!"

Looking at the phone in front of him, James was at a loss. He decided to wait for Gail. If she didn't call back, he could change the phone number and call back.

After hanging up the phone, Iris was in a daze and stared at Gail who was washing her hair, wondering if she should tell Gail it was James.

'Forget it, just let her wash her hair first. Otherwise, she may not be able to accept the fact that they talk of the devil and he will appear.' Iris thought!

Although Iris didn't know what had happened between Gail and James, she could tell by James's tone that they were not bad.

Although Iris thought so and had been waiting for Gail to wash her hair, she had been restless and excited to wait for Gail to come out.

Finally, Gail opened the door and came out. Her dried hair stuck to her shoulder, making her face look so perfect.

"Gai, do you know who called you just now?" Iris rushed to Gail and grabbed her arm excitedly and shouted.

As Gail's eyelids twitched, a handsome face came into her mind!

Gail flipped her hair, sat on the chair and said leisurely, "Is one of your dream lovers? Or my grandpa?"

Without waiting for Gail to guess, Iris pulled her to sit on the chair. "Don't be excited. Oh no, I'm very surprised. Your family called

"Gail, if you don't answer my call, I'll call your name downstairs." James insisted on calling her. His voice came from Iris's phone.

They looked down through the curtain and saw an assistant standing next to James. The assistant was dressed in black and had a horn in his hand!

In a white straight suit and light blue jeans, James was really handsome!

"Handsome guy, I love you!" A girl shouted suddenly.

"Hey, handsome guy. Have a date?" The voice came from another direction, and it was a beautiful woman who was observing from the window.

Out of the blue, the adorable girls waved at James excitedly. Gail and Iris heard these girls' voice from upstairs. "Are you waiting for us, handsome guy?"

"Ha-ha!" Others burst into laughter!

'Oh my God! Why did he do that?' Gail thought!

"Gai, if you don't get out of the dormitory to visit James now, he will be taken away from you! The girls in the whole building are hungry to see such a handsome man!" Iris shook Gail's shoulder and felt exasperated at her failure to live up to her expectations!

"Okay, if you don't come down, I'll take a girl casually away. Otherwise, I'll be so embarrassed if as such a handsome man I did not successfully express my love!" Before Iris hang up the phone, James's arrogant voice reached Gail's ears.

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