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   Chapter 53 Gail Was Afraid

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6505

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James put his hand on Gail's arm and led her to another direction.

"Hey, stop! What's your name?" The girl had a loud voice. There weren't many people in the basketball gym, so it was difficult for Gail not to hear what she said.

Gail turned to look at her. "My name is Gail."

"My name is Emily. I will never allow you to be with James! James, she is no better than me." It had been a long time since the last time Emily Yang saw James with a girl. Emily Yang thought she would have a chance to be James's girlfriend as long as she showed up in front of him every day and she became the only girl in his eyes.

Tears streamed down Emily Yang's cheeks and Gail was a little moved. Emily Yang must hate Gail very much so that she became emotional.

James turned to look at Emily Yang, and said word by word, "Emily, I've told you, I only see you as my sister, and it will never change. If you dare hurt Gai, I will never stand by." James said coldly. Then he took Gail's hand and walked out. He didn't want to stay with them.

With all her strength, Emily Yang cried out in the basketball gym. "Your father will never agree if she is so poor! Only I, Emily is the most suitable person for you! Gail, you are not the one for James. You have nothing. You are not qualified to stand by him!"

These words hit Gail's heart. She really didn't have anything. She would not help James with his career, but also burden him. Gail had been refusing to think about their future. Selfishly, she wanted to extend the temporary happiness.

But what was coming was coming. She couldn't hide.

But Gail didn't stop walking. Instead, she walked behind James.

James took Gail's hand and felt that her palm was getting colder.

James stopped and turned around to look at this sensitive and fragile girl. Although there was no change in her face, her calmness made him unable to deal with it.

"Don't be so emotional, Emily. James can d

ting is for fun? Gai, you underestimated me." James's voice hovered above Gail's head, like soothing magic. She leaned against his strong chest, and tears welled up in her eyes.

Gail held James's waist and buried her head in his arms. It turned out she did the same thing again. How could she be so softhearted? She was successfully bought off by his simple words.

Why couldn't she be a little more firm? She knew that their relationship wouldn't last long, but after he said that, she was still unwilling to let go.

During the period she spent with him, Gail knew she fell in love with the man called James, and she had never been in such a distinct sweetness in her world. Not only was it sweet, but also uneasiness, excitement, nervousness and unspeakable fear caused by love.

"Gai, you must promise me that you will never leave me again since you are with me. If you leave, I'll never forgive you." James comforted as he hugged her.

When Gail was with him, James's world was full of sunshine. Before meeting her, just as what others said, he changed his secretary and assistant from time to time. There was no compromise on what he said. But when he was with her, it was like there was a magic in his heart. He would always involuntarily want to tell her what was in his heart.

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