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   Chapter 30 Burning With Jealousy

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Gail glanced at the CEO's office and saw someone come out, which meant James was here.

'What's going on? Why hasn't James restored yet?

At this moment, Mr. Eason walked slowly to Gail and said, "Gai, this is the breakfast that James bought. Do you want to try it?"

Hearing this, Gail stood up immediately. She knew that although Mr. Eason was kind, he was still the second in command of the company, and she had always respected him.

Gail smiled, "Mr. Eason, why did James buy breakfast for me? I had breakfast this morning. James did come very early today." Gail thought to herself, 'Maybe Mr. Eason just wants to make fun of me. It's so obvious. Or maybe he wants to say something else?'

Mr. Eason smiled and said, "I have known him since he was born. As a person who has had the experience, I think during the past six months, the relationship between you and James really made me worried. Didn't you notice that he had a crush on you?"

Gail was still doubtful and replied, "But in his heart, I'm not the best one. He treats me well just because I am his good friend. Julie is the most important person in his heart."

What Melissa had said broke into Gail's mind again. What mattered most was that she and Mr. James could never be together.

Mr. Eason also knew that there must be some misunderstandings between them. But he wouldn't be wrong. The affection that Mr. James had for Gail were no less than that he had for Julie before. What's more, he knew that Julie was in the past.

Eason patted on Gail's shoulder and said, "Don't think too much. I know you are a good girl. Alright, as an old person, I will shut up."

"I don't think you are old. You look more like a charming middle-aged man. I'm sure that many girls will fall in love with you if you go around in our campus because you're so handsome and charming."

"You can tell me this now, but you can't say this in front of other people. Or I will get burnt if my wife knows it."

Gail knew that Mr. Eason was always a gentleman who took care of his wife. People always took him as an example in the company. Gail envied Mr. Eason's wife so much. His wife must have saved the whole universe in her previous life, so she had such a good husband.

"I know. I won't say that. Besides, your wife is so kind. How could she not know what kind of person you are?" Winking at Eason, Gail said, "I know."

At this moment, James was sitting in the office and watching his breakfast being treated like this. However, he didn't expect that Gail laughed happily when she talked with Eason.

James picked up the phone, only to find that Gail answered it casually. "Hello, this is..."

"It's me!" James was angry because Gail had even forgotten that it was a call from the CEO's office!

Gail opened her eyes wide and looked at the CEO Office subconsciously. In fact, she couldn't see the scene inside the office from outside.

"Well, I'm sorry. I just talked with Mr. Eason." How could she was so careless that she answered the phone without checking who was calling.

"Why do you always chat with others when you go to work? Am I too kind to you?" When James noticed that Mr. Eason was looking at him and even touched his forehead to say 'No thanks', he was unhappy.

Hearing that James was not happy, Gail immediately sat down and explained, "I didn't chat with Eason just now. There was something that he wanted to discuss with me. Even if they had a chat, James couldn't be unreasonable.

James's voice didn't sound harsh, "Did you

have your breakfast? It would be cold if you didn't eat it. If you don't like it, you can throw it away. "

Smile crept up on Gail's face and her eyes were soft. She looked like a chrysanthemum. "Thank you for your breakfast. How could I dislike it? It's an honor for me to enjoy the breakfast. You are so kind to me! " Gail nodded at James, like a lackey.

James snickered and said in a serious tone, "It's good for you to know that." Then he hung up the phone and looked at Gail, who was sitting outside and holding her phone with a frown.

At this time, the sun was shining on the office. James was so soft and masculine under the sunshine.

That's great. As long as Gail still wanted to go against him, it meant that his method would work.

Gail was surprised to see a hearty breakfast, including fruits and yogurt, and a slice of beef.

It would be a waste if she didn't eat it. After all, she wouldn't gain weight even if she ate it now.

Gail sat outside the window of the CEO's office. She looked smart and beautiful while James sat inside with gentle eyes. James had made up his mind to keep Gail by his side. He wanted to prove to her slowly that he cared about her very much. Melissa suddenly stood in front of Gail. With her hands in her pockets, Melissa showed her delicate wristwatch and said, "You have breakfast during working hours. Indeed, you are different from other employees and you can receive special care because you are the apple of the boss's eyes."

When Melissa asked, Gail wiped her mouth with a tissue and picked up the breakfast again to eat. Melissa was looking at Gail and waited for her angry reaction, but Gail pretending not to hear that.

"I'm talking to you. Do you hear me? "Gail, do you really think this is your home?" Melissa said in a reproachful tone and put down her hand. If it wouldn't ruin her image, she would have taught Gail a lesson.

Without raising her head, Gail replied, "It's none of your business."

"……" Melissa could not afford to provoke her, and she immediately became angry. Melissa had always been treated politely by her classmates, but Gail was always against her. Only this woman could always make her angry!

Melissa held her fingers and thought, 'Since you don't like me, let's wait and see.'

In high heels, Melissa turned around, intending to meet James.

"Hi, Gail. Are you having your breakfast here?" Jackson was walking towards the CEO's office. But when he saw so many people here, he turned back.

As soon as Gail saw Jackson, she put down the things in her hands and greeted, "Mr. Jackson, We haven't seen each other for a long time. Why do you come here?" It had been several months since Jackson last showed up. Gail was surprised to see Jackson here.

"Why can't I come here? This breakfast was prepared by someone, right?" Seeing the breakfast in front of Gail, Jackson knew it must be from James. Otherwise, Gail couldn't have bought such expensive breakfast.

"I bought one more today to soften myself. You should come into the office now. Mr. James must be waiting for you." She didn't dare to eat the breakfast with love.

Jackson said with a meaningful smile. "You don't admit it. Never mind. I will ask him."

At first, Melissa didn't like Gail. She didn't expect that the handsome guy would be so familiar with Gail. Why was Gail so lucky to get all the good things? Melissa knew that Gail was not a law-abiding woman. Gail looked innocent, but in fact, she was no different from those coquettish bitches!

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