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   Chapter 29 Breakfast

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James held Gail's hand and explained, "you're wrong. I did it not to embarrass you, but to prove that I wanted to do something for you. Look, aren't you talking to me now? "

"Gai, I was uncertain when you suddenly refused to talk to me. Look at you, I even don't have a chance to be embarrassed. 'Gai you must have misunderstood me over the past six months. I always feel that you are trying to stay away from me, aren't you? " James' eyes were serious. He wanted to get the answer from Gail.

"I didn't, Mr. James..." Gail answered, trying to avoid James' eyes

"Don't call me Mr. James. You have never called me Mr. James in private before. Are you blaming me?" James wanted to say whether Gail was blaming him for always treating her as a person who could transfer his feelings.

"……" Gail lowered her head and didn't say anything. She wasn't sure if she was blaming James.

No, Gail didn't blame James. 'Melissa was right. I don't deserve James, 'Gail thought. So Gail didn't have to be so familiar with James. Even if they were friends, they should keep a proper distance.

"Let go of my hand first. It's not good for others to see that. We have known each other for so long, and you have treated me well. I always know that. We are sort of friends and have much in common. You'll make others misunderstand us. Besides, I'm an intern. People would gossip about you if you keep doing that. " She lowered her head and didn't look at him. When she told him the truth, she realized that they were just friends. It turned out that she thought too much.

She thought it would be easier for her to get away before her feelings for him were too deep.

James fixed his eyes on Gail. She was no longer as shy as she used to be. At the moment she was calm, she was not as lovely as she used to be.

But James still held her hand and said, "no, I won't let you go. So you don't like the way I got you into trouble, do you? You didn't treat me like this before. Is it because of Julie that you suddenly show your indifference to me? "

Julie! The name kept haunting in Gail's mind and she had to mind it for a long time.

Gail shook her head with a smile and looked up at James. "Why did you say that? Are you suspecting that I have been jealous of Julie?" Gail covered her mouth with one hand and laughed, "you are too self-absorbed. Why would I be jealous of her?"

'does she really want to stay away from me just because she doesn't want to get close to me?' James wondered and felt very sad.

He released Gail's hands slowly. Beneath her smile was her sadness.

"So, you don't want to be too close to me, do you think I hurt your image?" His voice was sad and low, which made Gail's heart hurt.

She said with a heartless smile. "You're a CEO and you're so kind to me. People might think that I'm your mistress or I set a honey trap for you. Do you think which man dares to fall in love with me in the future. If we are just friends, just like ordinary friends, it's inappropriate for us to hold hands. Besides, I will misunderstand if you buy something for me so considerately. "

Yes, she would misunderstand. He was so nice to her, also because he was kind to her. She would think that they were not just friends.


earing Gail's words, James grabbed her hand excitedly and asked, "what do you mean? Tell me. "

His expectant eyes gleamed with a thrilling light, but Gail's mood, complex to be disorderly.

Would he laugh at her if she told him the truth. Could it be that they couldn't even be friends?

She held the bag in her hand tightly and said, "I'll misunderstand you. Are you interested in anyone in our dormitory and trying to butter me up?"

"Yeah, how do you know that I'm interested in someone in your dormitory?" James held her hand and smiled.

"What?" She heard the sound of her heart broken. It turned out that James had been so nice to her all of a sudden, because he had taken a fancy to her roommate. "Oh, then you can tell me who she is. There is no need to beat around the bush. I'm so embarrassed. Your clumsy way is too scary. You asked me to buy some bags, which were sanitary pads, for you. You followed me, you held my hand, bought it in person, are you trying to hurt me! " She said with a smile.

"But don't you ask me who that girl is?" Seeing her bright smile, he didn't know if she was really happy.

The smile on her face froze and then turned into a smile. James could hardly detect the loss in her eyes. "Yes, I forget to ask. If you don't tell me, I will ask them one by one."

He took Gail's hand and said nothing.

Did she really not care about it? Or was she pretending.

Don't rush, or he would scare her. It seemed that he hadn't done enough to make her trust him completely, and she was not beguiled by his sweet words.

"Don't talk nonsense. That person is you. Alright, don't catch a cold. Go upstairs and have some rest. " He tightened his grip on Gail's collar. It was still cold at night.

Only you! First chuckles and then disappointment. Yes, he was just joking.

"Well, you should go back quickly. I should go first. See you tomorrow. When Gail saw the bags of things he had bought for her, her heart jumped up and down when she thought of what had happened in the afternoon.

Both of them were unable to sleep at night.

The next day, somehow, when Gail was downstairs of the company, for the first time, she felt that she dared not to go in, but she wanted to.

At this time, Melissa who was in high heels behind suddenly laughed, "if you stood here, do you want Mr. James to pick you up in person?"

Turning around, Gail smiled and said, "whatever you say, as long as you are happy."

The most headache now was that there was Melissa in the company who couldn't get along with Gail. She, Gail, had always been a nice person, at least she won't get into trouble with anyone else. But Melissa was an exception!

Gail didn't care what Melissa was going to say. Gail decided to walk into the building and go to work.

"Don't be so proud. You're just James' assistant. I don't believe you can stay as long as I'm here! Mr. James is my type. How dare you possession of him? " Melissa didn't like any country girl who dared to rob her charm!

When Gail came to the desk, she found there was a breakfast!

It was James' favorite breakfast. Sometimes when he forgot to have breakfast, he always said he would eat here.

'Did James buy the breakfast for me?' she wondered?

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