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   Chapter 28 What A Jerk

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6488

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James sent Gail to the gate of the university because she didn't want to drive to the dormitory building. It was inappropriate to keep a high profile.

But James insisted on sending her to her dormitory building on foot. He said that he wanted to take a walk to help him digest what he had eaten.

"But the driver is still waiting for you in the car. Mr. James, you should be considerate to your subordinate." Gail didn't expect that the driver has been waiting for them to finish the meal.

James put his hands in his pockets and said leisurely, "I prefer to be tender to a girl. Gai, I have always been inconsiderate to my subordinates. Haven't you noticed that?"

Gail was a little stunned by his statement and replied, "We have known each other for a long time. I am not only your assistant, but also your friend. You treat me well."

James stopped and said, "Yes, I'm used to your being with me. If only you could be with me all the time. Even though you are an exception for me, you have always turned a blind eye to me. It makes me very sad. And you aren't friendly to me. But you are very polite and kind to Mr. Zhang."

"……" Did she? Moreover, it was because of what happened last night.

When James saw the expression in her eyes, he knew that Gail had a problem with him because of Melissa. It seemed that James couldn't be too anxious about Gail. It was not easy for her to not resist him, and he couldn't scare Gail away again.

"All right, I'm just kidding. "Let's go to the supermarket to buy some food to eat. You should drink some hot water when you go back to the dormitory." I know girls like eating snacks. When they arrived at the supermarket, James suddenly took Gail's hand and walked towards the supermarket.

Feeling a little uncomfortable when he was holding her hand, Gail tried to free herself but she failed.

James turned back with a gentle smile, "I will buy you some snacks. You can regard them as a reward from me on behalf of the company. You still refuse? If you refuse, you will get no benefit in the future!" After that, James pulled Gail into the supermarket.

Unable to change his mind, Gail had to follow him to the supermarket.

James took Gail's hand tightly and went to the shelf to search for something. When he saw a bag of red dates, he gave it to Gail and said, "Take it!"

Then, James walked to the shelf with brown sugar and selected a girl's favorite brand. He put the sugar into Gail's arms again.

Seeing this, Gail felt speechless. She couldn't throw them away. Or she would be criticized if the salesman came here.

Feeling that these were not enough, James grabbed Gail's hand and brought her back to the place where they took red dates. Then, James took another bag of red dates as well as some nuts. And then James walked around. No one knew what he was looking for.

Finally, James stopped in a row of girls' products.

"Choose one?" James asked Gail in a low voice.

Gail's face was as red as a monkey's butt. "..."

'What's wrong with him today? He is really a freak!' thought Gail. What's wrong with him to buy sanitary pad with her?

Gail grabbed James's hand and turned around! She still had some sanitary pad left in her dorm

itory. She could buy it tomorrow.

As soon as she was out of sight, James pulled her back. "Come back. Or I'll stand here and won't leave."

"You can stand there!" Gail felt embarrassed and annoyed.

"I know they won't laugh at me. They just admire you!" With an arrogant smile, James swung Gail's arm, as if a kid who wanted candies.

Gail was speechless. After only one afternoon, how could he be so shameless?

Gail bit her lips and said, "I'll take it by myself." Then she walked in front of sanitary pad, grabbing the smallest bag in her hand. What's worse, James didn't let go of her.

"Have you seen clearly what you have taken? I saw there were many kinds of sanitary pad here. If you took the wrong one, don't blame me!" James didn't see the brand clearly. He had planned to buy some for her next time.

"Do you think you know better than me?" Gail was so angry that she dragged James out of the area.

James glanced at the product on the shelf. 'I can remember the cartoon on the product. Next time I see it, I'll find the cartoon girl on it, ' he thought to himself.

Or he could get the information of Google. Google knows everything.

It seemed that he had never been so thick-skinned to buy anything for a girl and even to buy such private products.

Gail and James waited in a line and put these products in a bag from the salesperson. Besides, it was James who paid for them, so Gail owed him more. What's worse, she was still very angry for that.

Gail decided to let James buy whatever he wanted. Today she finally found that he was a shameless person. He was just a rascal!

She had a crush on him before. Today was the angriest day of her life!

Gail took the opportunity to shake off his hand, but before she could get rid of him, James grabbed her hand quickly. "Gai, are you still angry with me? I just want to make you happy. Can't you see it?"

Such a tone James must have been cursed by someone! He was totally another person!

"Gai," James shook Gail's arm and said, "Don't be angry. I know I've embarrassed you. I want to know about sanitary pad this time. Then I won't borrow it from others."

"……" It was an embarrassing situation. Gail was about to lose her temper, but she didn't.

Gail was indeed moved by him to solve her problems before, but it was too embarrassing to recall this thing.

Gail tried to get rid of James with one hand, but failed.

"Gai, you look so cute."


"Well, thank you for your compliment. Everyone thinks I'm a gentleman. You say so, it means that I am very real in front of you. "

"……" Gail bit her lips, and she was defeated by him.

"Gai? Tell me!" James's voice turned soft, his eyes gazing at Gail affectionately.

When Gail met his eyes, her face flushed red again. He must had been replaced by someone.

James stared at Gail affectionately. Gail ignored and said, "Don't talk like that, Mr. James. I'll be frightened if you keep talking like that. I thought you looked like a different person because of the embarrassing thing. And if you continue to treat me like this, I will feel ashamed. I just had an accident today. Why did you... " Gail didn't know how to express her thoughts to James.

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