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   Chapter 27 A Warm Man

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6213

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Gail looked at her clothes and thought, 'Oh, my God! It was so serious that her trousers were stained. But Gail didn't find it, how stupid she was.

Luckily, the trousers were black, so others wouldn't discover it. Gail was wearing a long coat, so they wouldn't see that. But where could she find a sanitary pad!

What? What's wrong with the ladies' room? She heard a man's voice!

"Gai, are you inside?" The man seemed to be calling Gail's name.

Gail was surprised. She felt ashamed that she didn't want to know a boy who breaks into the ladies' room like this.

"Hello, Gail," he said. Gail recognized the voice as James's!

Why did James come to the ladies' room for her?

"Dong! Dong! Dong!" James seemed to be knocking the bathroom cubicle where Gail was. He said, "Gai, I know you are here. There is no one else except you in the bathroom. Open the door. I have brought you what you want. "

"……" How was Gail going to answer him? No matter what he said, Gail would never answer him. Nobody looked for people in the toilet.

No, the thing she wanted Could it be that?

"What is it? You're The CEO of a company, how can you go to the ladies' room...... You... " Gail really didn't know what to say.

"You hid in the toilet because you encountered a difficult problem. Open the door quickly. Someone will come in later. " James' voice came through the door. He sounded anxious.

Hearing what James said, Gail immediately straightened her clothes. She opened a crack and asked, "what's that?"

"Here you are." He reached out and gave her a pink thing.

Oh my God! Gail felt dizzy! Wasn't that a sanitary pad? Didn't she always dream of something falling from the sky?

"Hurry up!" He urged impatiently.

Gail was thrilled. She opened the door and saw James who face red. "How do you know that I need it? "

"Hurry up. I'll explain when you come out." James shoved the bag into Gail's hand and left in a hurry.

Gail was carrying the pink, exquisite bag, and her face was too hot to touch!

How could this man have a sanitary pad? It was still the style of a girl! And how did he know that Gail would need it?

There were questions in Gail's mind. Her heart was beating wildly. She didn't know why it suddenly became abnormal.

Gail dawdled out of the bathroom and felt nervous when she saw James sitting not far away and looking down at his phone.

When he saw Gail coming over, James said, "Sit down. The food is getting cold."

Staring at the steaming steaks on the table, Gail asked, "Has the food been reheated?"

"I changed another one." James didn't look up. His face was still a little red. It seemed that he was also surprised at what he did just now.

Gail did not know how to see her boss, he just turned her away, and now suddenly very good, very warm boss.

Gail was so nervous and anxious that she had no mood to eat anything!

But James ordered a new one. It would be a waste if she didn't eat it. And it would be more embarrassing if Gail left because of James' considerate behavior.

After a while, Gail go

t so curious that she couldn't help but ask, "so, where did you get it..." Gail whispered. If James didn't like to answer, he could pretend not to hear.

Unexpectedly, James replied quickly, "I have asked another customer for it."

Although James said naturally, Gail accidentally saw his red ears, and his unnatural fingers holding the knife and fork, obviously trembling.

"……" Her boss, a young president, would actually ask another woman for a sanitary pad just because of her?

Gail was touched by James' words. For a girl, he had to ask all the people around him if they had sanitary pads, regardless of his identity and image. It took a lot of courage for him to ask one of them.

And he went to the ladies' room......

No matter how indifferent he had been, his image had now been completely subverted......

Gail had mixed feelings.

Gail finished her meal very quickly. Although she was moved, she was still very embarrassed.

Gail walked out of the restaurant and went down the street. It was time to get off work. They didn't have to work. They just needed to go home separately.

"Gai, do you have anything tonight?" Now, James was back to normal and not as ill at ease as before.

"What? Well, nothing else. " Gail was still watching James. Hearing his question, she didn't respond.

"How about we watch a movie. I heard that there is a good movie on the release. Would you like to go? " There was a smile in James' face, as if he was expecting Gail's answer.

Even if Gail didn't expect that, she knew better than to refuse, now that she was so much helped by him.

No, since she was menstruating now, she should go home and change her clothes as soon as possible, and buy some bags of sanitary pads in the supermarket for free. Gail couldn't let that happen again. She was almost......

"But I want to go to school first, because I..." Gail didn't know how to explain it to James.

James nodded, "I see. It was not convenient for you right now. I was not considerate enough. How about going to the movies after work tomorrow? Ok? "

"Okay, let's see a movie tomorrow." Gail looked at him and looked away hastily.

"Let me drive you back to your dormitory first. It's cold outside. you can't get a taxi." James grabbed Gail's arm and turned to his car.

"No, no, no. I'll take a bus back. There are many bus passing by. It won't take long." Gail didn't dare to ride in his car anymore. If Gail went back to the school, it was too high profile, but also soiled his car. Although it was not that exaggerated, Gail still felt it inappropriate.

"Let's go. You'd better go back to the dormitory as early as possible. Don't catch a cold. Let's go. I'll drive you back. " As James said, he took Gail straight to the front of the car, and covered Gail's back with a strong arm.

Gail still wanted to refuse James. Maybe it was because James has bribed Gail with his previous behavior. Gail didn't dare to refuse him like before. At this moment, James' smile suddenly turned warm in Gail's eyes. Gail blamed herself for being so spineless.

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