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   Chapter 26 Menstruation Period

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Taking a glance at the expression on James' face, Mr. Zhang guessed that Mr. James might have a crush on the college student who hadn't graduated yet.

So Mr. Zhang asked mysteriously, " Do you know what expression Mr. James has now?"

Gail looked to James, she didn't understand why Mr. Zhang cared about James' expression

It was obvious that he was not happy, ok?

" I think Mr. James hasn't had a good rest today. He must be tired. Gail answered honestly.

Mr. Zhang didn't respond. Instead, he smiled broadly. James' thought at this time was 'Gai, you're a good liar. You're just pretending you don't know why, ' James had to find an opportunity to let Gai know the result of offending her boss.

He smiled faintly, "I didn't expect you to find the problem! Then tell me how you should deal with your boss who looks exhausted. "

He arched his brows. It was impossible for him to fool her.

She also smiled faintly. "So I have ordered a double espresso for you. It will be ready soon. You will be much more energetic today if you can get some energy. "

Mr. Zhang was going to take this opportunity to get in touch with Mr. James' secretary - she was very beautiful. Now it seems that she has been chosen by Mr. James as well. His original plan was to try his best to maintain the cooperation with the RF Group. Because he needed the cooperation, so he naturally couldn't overdo it.

He said gentlemanly, "Miss Gail, I felt discontented to see your boss being neglected on the face. If I guess right, Mr. James is nice to you, right? "

Since Mr. Zhang couldn't think otherwise about Gail, he would like to help this young and vigorous CEO. Young people suffered for pride.

"Yes, Mr. James is very considerate to his subordinates, and everyone in our company praised him. So, if Mr. Zhang cooperate with us, you will get some unexpected harvest. Moreover, our CEO is young and promising, calm and efficient, and will definitely create greater benefits for both sides. " Although Gail had learned from the information that Mr. Zhang was at a disadvantage, she understood that he was deliberately embarrassing her, she pretended not to understand.

Mr. Zhang could see that Gail was smart enough to understand what he meant. Now that Gail had made up her mind, there was no need for Mr. Zhang to poke his nose into other people's business.

"That's for sure. I've always known it clearly. That's why I asked Mr. James out today. I want to cooperate with him. I'm wondering, what do you mean, Mr. James? " Mr. Zhang was sincere and patient, waiting for James' response.

James was an indifferent, but Gail had been used to it. But she still knew that she couldn't offend her boss openly in the company.

With a broad smile, she handed the document to James and said, "Mr. James, Mr. Zhang's mean as long as we sign here, we will be the partners."

James didn't look at the file or take it. He just stared at Gail.

Gail wasn't annoyed, but kept smiling.

Gail felt sore her hands, James took the papers from her in a casual manner. After all, Mr. Zhang was also one of the important clients, so he couldn't be neglected.

James signed it quickly, his movements were very graceful, Gail had always admired his handwriting What she didn't understand was that he was handsome and rich, and that he could write so well.

As far as Gail know, James' view of love was disappointing, but he didn't disappoint in other ways.

After that, Mr. Zhang was finally relieved. He didn't expect to be the third wheel for his b

ig client, James. He was so embarrassed at the moment.

But as the CEO was so special to this girl, it seemed that the girl couldn't be neglected in the future.

He reached out his hand and said to James, "Mr. James, I hope we will have a pleasant cooperation."

"I hope so." He just replied lightly.

Mr. Zhang put away the files and handed them to the male assistant who was sitting next to him.

"I'm sorry. I have something urgent to deal with. Since we have cooperated, we should celebrate it on the opening ceremony some other day." Then Mr. Zhang stood up.

Noticing that Mr. Zhang was smart enough, James smiled at him and said, "okay. I'll call to you later."

"Okay, then we'll go first without disturbing you two." Mr. Zhang added the last sentence on purpose.

Gail stood up in a hurry. "See you, Mr. Zhang."

What Mr. Zhang said was so strange that Gail thought Mr. Zhang was not disturbing them.

"Bye, Mr. James and Miss Gail." The male assistant said only one word at the end.

"Bye." Gail didn't even know the assistant's name.

Only Gail and James were sitting side by side. All of a sudden, Gail sensed something was wrong.

But James didn't move, so she didn't say anything.

Gail had almost finished her coffee. She had disliked it before, but now she had to drink it. After all, she had nothing else to do.

After a while, James called the waitress. Hearing the waiter's words, Gail let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that James was finally leaving.

"Two portions of steak, medium well. And a dessert, and a bottle of wine. " James took the menu and ordered a lot of food.

"Mr., is this all?" The waitress repeated the dish name.

James closed the menu. "That's all. By the way, I want another glass of orange juice. " He remembered that Gail was not used to drinking red wine.

"Okay, please wait for a moment." After that, the waitress turned around and left.

Gail watched she and James sitting side by side, she guessed that James would stay for dinner. But they shouldn't side by side. She decided to sit opposite.

When she just raised her arm, a big hand pressed on her thigh. "Sit still."

Although Gail wore a long dress, James' hands were warm. Through the thin dress, she could feel his temperature, which was weird.

She shouldn't have taken off her coat because of the high temperature in the room, she put her coat on the seat.

Reflexively, Gail blurted out, "I want to go to the bathroom."

James stared at her with a skeptical look.

She looked pretty with a light shade of lipstick. But, did she wear lipstick on purpose for the sake of cooperation? He hadn't noticed her sexy lips before.

He moved his hands away and said, "Please."

Hearing this, Gail left the seat and ran to the bathroom.

However, unexpectedly, Gail found out she was on her menstruation period when she was in the bathroom. She ran to the bathroom just to avoid the man!

'what the fuck! How could she forget that? She didn't feel anything just now.

Menstruation was on the wrong day. However, she never had a fixed menstrual period!

Why did it come at this time? She had to take a sanitary pad out of her bag! More pathetically, she suddenly remembered that she didn't have any sanitary pads in her bag!

She was going to die, Gail thought!

Well, she could borrow a sanitary pad from someone next to her.

However, no one went to the bathroom stall next to hers. Gail had been squatting in the toilet for such a long time that her legs almost went numb!

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