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   Chapter 25 James’s Jealousy

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6981

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The next day, when Gail went to work, she saw a familiar figure. It was a woman dressed gorgeously in winter. Then she found this woman was Melissa.

Although Gail didn't want to see Melissa, she couldn't leave the company because she disliked Melissa. Gail didn't have a powerful father or a powerful friend. Unlike Melissa, Gail couldn't act as she wished.

Gail was weak while Melissa was strong in the company. If Melissa continued to speak something like she did yesterday, there would be a lot of rumors in the company.

As far as Gail could remember, she had been thoughtless when she first came to the company. She was taken on a business trip by James and she received much special care from James in front of her colleagues, which had made her live in gossip for a long time.

Actually, Gail was grateful to Julie. Julie's appearance alarmed her a lot. Since then, she had become smarter and distinguish herself in front of her colleagues and in private.

Now that Melissa was here, Gail had to keep a distance from her and James. Gail thought it necessary to keep a distance from James in front of other people and to avoid getting too close to Melissa.

Gail had to look out for Melissa. To relieve herself, Melissa would do anything.

While Gail was absent-minded, she got a call from James.

Gail picked up the phone from the CEO's office and said, "Mr. James, what can I do for you?"

"Please come in and bring your notebook by the way." At the sight of Gail sitting at her desk in a daze, James wondered what was going on in her mind.

Gail said in a voice dripping with sarcasm last night, and acted differently today.

James had tried his best to get close to Gail recently. But Melissa had spoken too much. He was disappointed.

After a while, the door was pushed open and Gail walked in.

Gail was wearing a milk white high necked sweater today. Her neck was very beautiful. No matter how hard she was, she walked with a straight spine as arrogant as herself. The clothes made her very gentle. Her fair skin and quiet face were exactly what he was most familiar with.

Gail just stood in front of James with her notebook and didn't say anything. She just looked at him with her bright big eyes.

A file was thrown to her by James. "Look at this file. You have to come with me to meet the client later. Get familiar with it first."

In fact, James didn't have to meet this client. He planned to refuse to meet him. But he wanted to spend some time alone with Gail because he was afraid that she would leave him. Because of her, his temper and style of doing things had gradually changed.

Mr. Eason still joked that he had been subdued by that little girl, and he said that Julie might not be so important in his heart.

Mr. Eason said in all earnestness, "Actually, you should think about your own heart. What you care more about is Gail or Julie. In fact, it might be the best choice for you to be with Gail."

In fact, James had also thought that the reason that he stayed with Gail is whether he wanted to forget Julie or not. James didn't know the answer, but when he saw that Gail treated him as if he was a stranger, his heart ached, empty, and even sad.

Gail didn't raise her head to look at James. She just opened the file and glanced at him casually, "I know. Mr. James, is there anything else?"

A pang of sadness flashed across James's eyes due to her indifferent tone. But he still smiled at Gail a

nd said, "No, you can go about your business. We will set out at three o'clock in the afternoon."

Gail nodded her head, "OK, I know. I'll go to work then."

After saying that, Gail turned around and left without taking a look at James.

It seemed that Gail was still blaming James for not helping her. Or, she might be thinking that it was because of Melissa's identity that he let Melissa bully her like that.

It was so difficult for James to know what a woman was thinking and what the reason was.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, Gail left her seat to meet James.

Seeing Gail come in, James also stood up and picked up his briefcase. He said gently, "Let's go."

Without saying anything, Gail turned around and stood by the door, waiting for James to leave his office.

As a subordinate, she should follow the superior.

When Gail went downstairs and arrived at other departments, she found aggressive and hostile Melissa who was staring at her.

Gail was thankful that Melissa wasn't James's secretary. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to lead such a comfortable life.

Gail still followed James quietly, behaving like an obedient servant.

Sitting in the back seat, neither of them spoke. Sitting in front, the driver saw a pair of affectionate eyes and a pair of indifferent eyes from the rearview mirror. He kept silent.

As a chauffeur, he knew Mr. James had a crush on this girl since they talked about everything before. But today, the atmosphere was so weird. Something must have happened between them.

At this time, the best way for a driver was to be blind and dumb and pretend to know nothing.

After a while, they arrived at their destination. James and Gail went to the coffee shop on the top of the building. The client was already there waiting for them.

"Mr. Zhang, I'm sorry for keeping you waiting so long. It should be us waiting for you. I'm so sorry." With a smile, James extended his hand and sincerely apologized to him.

Mr. Zhang reached out his hand with a smile and said, "I thought we should wait one more hour. Besides, we just arrived here and the chair hasn't been heated yet."

It was easy to know who needs help.

"Of course, we won't keep you waiting so long. After all, if we don't want to cooperate with you, we won't make you wait so long. Since we're going to cooperate, we can't treat your company like that." James reached out his hand and motioned Mr. Zhang to sit down.

"This young and beautiful lady, who are…" Mr. Zhang recognized the pretty girl standing behind Mr. James at a glance.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Zhang. I'm Mr. James's secretary, Gail." Gail introduced herself with a smile.

James could tell from the way Mr. Zhang didn't look at Gail simply. Although it was different from that straight feeling, James felt a little uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Mr. Zhang was a sensible man. He didn't touch Gail when he shook hands with her.

"Hello, Miss Gail. I guess that you haven't graduated from the university, but you can take up the position of Mr. James's secretary. It seems that you are definitely excellent." Mr. Zhang let go of Gail's hand and smiled at James.

"Mr. Zhang, how do you know that I haven't graduated from college? Did I show this in some aspect?" It seemed that Mr. Zhang was easygoing, so Gail asked easily.

James's eyes darkened. How could she smile so brightly to others? Gail didn't pay any attention to him this morning!

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