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   Chapter 23 Unworthy Of Such Treatment

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6945

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When Gail's three roommates reached the dorm, they dashed upstairs. "See you, senior James."

Looking at them pretending to be close to James and leaving her alone downstairs, Gail was very embarrassed.

At the thought of what Sherry had just said, Gail blushed and felt ashamed.

"Thank you. You spend much money in inviting us to have dinner today. I hope that we don't waste your time and trouble you today. Or I feel very sorry." Gail chuckled, not knowing what to do.

"Your roommates are all very cute, and it doesn't cost me a lot of money. Anyway, I am the CEO. To be honest, I still regret not taking you to eat seafood or something like that. I have nothing to do today." James walked to Gail and put the hood on her.

"That's good. Well, I'll go upstairs now. You can go back early. " Gail just wanted to leave when she thought of what they said.

"You want me to leave so soon? Do you dislike my performance? James leaned against the car and looked at Gail flirtatiously. It seemed that she was too shy to raise her head, avoiding his eyes.

The sight of Gail easily triggered his interest. James started to make fun of her.

Gail raised her head and didn't know what to do with her watery eyes, "No, I'm just worried that you might go back late and it's hard to drive on the slippery road. Don't you worry about the heavy snow?"

Gail bit her lips. How could she dislike him? She also thought that he had behaved too well and was easy to be misunderstood.

"So you are worried about me. That's good." James smiled and reached out his hand to touch Gail's hair naturally. "The snow is so heavy. Would you like to go for a walk with me?"

Watching the snow falling, James couldn't help but want to stay with Gail for a little longer.

The snowflakes fell on Gail's fluttering eyelashes, like a butterfly resting gently on petals. Trying his best to control his desire to appreciate her face while holding it up, James put his hand into his pocket.

Gail looked up at the snowy sky. How beautiful it was.

"Okay. Let's go." Gail didn't want to refuse the idea of being in the snow with someone accompanying her.

Suddenly Gail remembered a saying, "I always like to hold your hand in the snow because our hair will become white, and then I can pretend as if we have stayed together for a lifetime."

They walked along the road outside the dormitory building. Because of the snow, there were very few pedestrians on the road, except two or three couples.

"Do you like snowing?" Asked James in a soft voice, which looked empty and small in the snowy day.

Gail answered excitedly, "Of course I like it. Though snowy days were very troublesome when I was young, I still like it best. If there is no snow in winter, I think it's not winter."

James looked at Gail who was in high spirits and suddenly stopped. "Gail, I have something to tell you."

Looking at his serious face, Gail asked, "What's the matter? Tell me."

"I..." When James was about to speak, he was interrupted by a couple coming towards him.

"Hey, isn't that Gail, you… Are you Mr. James?" Suddenly, the girl noticed that the man standing in front of Gail was actually James. Her face changed for several times.

She had meant to mock that Gail also had a date, but seeing James, her heart was instantly filled with jealousy and anger!

At the sight of Melissa, James asked coldly, "What's wrong? Did you feel something wrong?"

"How could that be? I'm just glad to meet my boss, Mr. James. I need your pardon in the future," Melissa responded, as she remembered that James had said that she was stupid last time. "If I do something wrong, I will have to ask you to testify and criticize me." Melissa nodded at James politely.

James was the most suitable one for her. In order to be closer to him, Melissa asked her father to give her a position in the RF Group, so she could see him every day. 'As long as I can get close to James, I won't believe that I can't catch him.' Melissa thought to herself!

When James met Melissa's gaze, he felt disgusted. But James just looked at Melissa coldly. "In fact, I don't think you are suitable for the working environment of our company. If your father didn't ask you to enter the company for training, I didn't want you to come. "

What James meant was that he didn't like her but for her powerful father!

Melissa felt a sharp pain in her palm.

'Gail, how could you allow such an excellent man to stand by your side, and how could he humiliate me in public!'

Feeling the emotion of Melissa, Jared patted her hand, "Yes, I also think it's hard for Melissa to work there, but she's eager to do everything well. I hope Mr. James can take care of her later. "

Looking at Jared, James frowned and asked, "Are you the son of the successor of the mayor Shen?"

As soon as these words came out of James's mouth, Jared's face also turned pale. The corners of his mouth were slightly twitching. He tried to wear a smile at last. "You're joking. My father is only a person who does his job well. I don't know whether the mayor appreciate him or not. "

A stern look appeared on Melissa's face. She turned to look at Gail, eyes simmering with rage.

Ignoring Melissa, Gail was fine just now. Now she not only met Melissa, but also knew that she was going to work in the RF Group, which made Gail suddenly in a bad mood. 'Melissa never like me. If both of them work in one company, she will deliberately make things hard for me.' Gail thought.

Melissa asked with a smile, "So do you come here for some work? It's late now. If you and a secretary appear on campus, it will be imaginable." Melissa held her elbow and looked like a spectator.

Gail narrowed her eyes and said, "Melissa, Mr. James and I just came here to visit the snow in the school. Do you have any opinion?"

At first, James was going to fight back, but when he saw the unwilling look on Gail's face, he decided to wait and see what would happen. He would take action if she was too weak to fight back.

"Huh!" Rolling her eyes, Melissa said, "I don't have any opinion. I just worry about Mr. James. If he got trapped by you, I'm afraid his family would be irritated! "

Even if Gail had that idea, she had buried it deep in her heart. Now, she would not get close to him. She would not allow herself to think of that.

Melissa was right. As the CEO of the RF Group, James was conspicuous in NF City. Gail felt extremely ashamed to even have that idea!

Gail tried her best to control her anger and finally gave a mocking smile.

At first, James was ready to fight back. But when he saw Gail's reaction, he changed his mind. He kept an eye on Gail to see if she really cared about him and give Melissa a counter attack.

James had overestimated a simple girl. He didn't know that Gail would become so fragile when her thoughts were guessed by others.

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