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   Chapter 22 Senior

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All the people gathered around the steaming hot pot. Seeing that, Sherry poked Iris in the arm, put down her chopsticks and picked up the glass of wine on the table, "Mr. James, I'd like to propose a toast to you. I hope that you can keep an eye on Gai when she do an internship there."

With a glass of wine in his hand, James replied, "I'm sure that Gai and I have a lot in common. Although I'm her boss, we are still good friends in private. I'm sure that I can take good care of her."

Iris and Mary smiled at each other with hands covering their mouths and snickered.

'Mr. James is really funny. Although he is dressed in famous brand and his behavior is noble, his eyes are tender when he looks at Gai. If I'm not mistaken, he cares about her very much.'

"We are so relieved to hear you say that. Although Gai is a little clumsy, she is the most diligent girl in our dormitory." Iris also raised her glass, "Then I propose a toast to you, I am Gai's best friend, thank you for taking care of Gai."

Soon, James poured a glass of wine and said, "I heard Gai often talk about you. As an open-minded boss, I'm sure I won't be harsh on Gai. You drink whatsoever and I toast." After saying that, James raised his head to drink the wine in his glass.

Mary also picked up her cup and smiled shyly, "I'll propose a toast to you as her roommate. Since they have finished what I want to say, I will... Drink."

Mary was a girl with few words. And it was rare for her to speak much when she saw James today.

"Okay, I'll drink it." James drank it up and said with a faint smile, "I think you are trying to make me drunk."

Hearing that, Gail picked up her glass with a smile, "The only one left is me. Now that I have toasted you, I should thank you for taking care of me, Mr. James, and by the way, thank my roommates for taking care of me."

Gail seldom drank. Although it was a cocktail, her face turned red after drinking it.

James patted her back and added, "You can't drink too much. I didn't ask you to drink it all. "

Hearing what Sherry and Iris were whispering, Gail's face was even redder.

Gail waved her hand and said, "I'm fine. Let's eat some food. This vermicelli is delicious. "

In fact, Gail was going crazy. How could she be treated like a monkey by her roommates? They would talk about her for three or four months.

Although Gail liked James, she didn't have feelings for him anymore because of Julie. She didn't want to be a fool and become a substitute of someone else. She promised to hang out with James because she felt that they were old friends and she didn't fuss about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

'All right. Just take it as a promise to fulfill their expectation to Mr. James. I promise I won't make a promise to such a request easily.'

"By the way, Mr. James, let's have a gossip. Mr. James, you are so young and promising. There must be a lot of girls who are fond of you. Do you have a girlfriend?" Iris suddenly felt that, as a good roommate, it was necessary for her to inquire about him, and maybe she could assist James and Gail to become two happy lovers.

"……" All of a sudden, Gail's flesh meatball dropped into her bowl. The sauce splashed on her clothes.

Gail quickly drew a piece of tissue to wipe her mouth, but her ears were waiting for James's answer.

"……" Raising his head, James looked composed, but there was shock and embarrassment in his heart.

How should he reply? The girl he liked was just a friend to him and a subordinate. It was true that he didn

't have a girlfriend. He just didn't know how would Gail think if he told them.

James cleared his throat and replied lightly, "I don't have a girlfriend yet. Do you want to introduce a girl to me?"

"Well..." This put Iris in a quandary. She didn't know how to answer these tough questions.

"Well..." As Iris was saying, she rubbed her forehead and saw the evil smile on Gail's face. "I do have this plan. Look at my roommates, only Gai is the most suitable one by appearance."

"Poof!" Gail was choked by the juice and coughed. She wanted to tape Iris's mouth!

"What's wrong? Be careful." James took out a tissue for Gail and wiped her mouth without asking for her opinion.

"It's okay. I can do it myself." Gail took the paper from his hand and said

James smiled and stared intently at Gail. He said seriously, "Yes, you are right. I think so. But sometimes you are a bit stupid. Your other aspects fit me very much. Do you also think so?"

Sherry nodded, "Yes. At least for now, you two make a good match. But Gai is so poor," Sherry turned to Gai and said in a sincere tone," Gai, you should work hard and make money to get your dowry."

"……" Gail really wanted to ask them what happened and why they were so anxious to sell her?

Gail quickly put down the chopsticks. "Hey! What are you talking about? I warn you again. If you make things worse, I… She suddenly didn't know what to say, "I won't let you eat hotpot!"

"Tut-tut, Mr. James said you were nice. I put it out for you. You didn't thank me, but threatened me! Humph!" Then Sherry glanced at Gail and continued to pick up food in the pot.

Gail quickly turned to the left and said, "Well, Mr. James, please don't mind. They are just having fun."

James shook his head with a smile, "I don't mind it at all."

'Damn it! James just wanted them to misunderstand the relationship between him and me!

It's time for me to have a talk with him and let him face his own feelings.' Although Gail didn't want to strain the relationship between them, this kind of joke was not funny at all.

She gave him a dry smile, "Well, I'll explain it to you later."

As a result, Gail felt remorseful for the dinner and pounded her chest repeatedly!

Fortunately, they didn't say anything afterwards. After coming out of the hotpot restaurant, the snow outside became heavier.

"Thank you very much today. We are going back now." What Gail wanted to do was going back to her dormitory and teaching a lesson to Iris and Sherry.

She knew that Sherry must want to be punished. Gail would like to tell others Sherry's underground love affairs.

"It's snowing so heavily. How can you go home? Let me drive you home." James walked to his car without hesitation.

"No, thanks. We can take a taxi." Gail wanted to make any explanation.

"It's hard to get a taxi in such a cold snowy day. Don't bother. Get in the car." James didn't care about her embarrassed smile. He looked at the other three and said, "Get in the car now."

"Thank you, Mr. James."

"Thank you, Mr. James."

The three of them got into the car happily.

"Don't call me Mr. James anymore. I'm not your boss. As a friend of your roommate, we are also friends, so don't regard me as an outsider." James said in a gentle voice as he buckled up.

"Okay. We will call you James from now on. Or senior James? How do you think?" Iris took a look at Gail with a cunning smile.

"Okay, I haven't heard anyone call me senior James for a long time. James looked at the tangled Gail and laughed secretly.

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