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   Chapter 21 Hotpot

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Since they were tired from playing with snow, they decided to find a place to have dinner.

Mary believed that Gai must have something to talk with her prince charming, so she took Sherry away quietly.

With a sly smile, Sherry grabbed Mary's arm and said, "Don't be afraid. Although James is a handsome man, we need to investigate him more carefully. If he is a playboy with a pretty face, we can't let him cheat to Gai!"

Mary bit her lips and nodded, "You are right. I can't be cheated by appearances."

Iris also came over excitedly, "Yeah, so that's why the dinner can test a person's moral quality the most. Moreover, even if Gail and James don't have anything to do with each other, we met such a handsome man, and it was a blessing to have dinner with him "

Raising her eyebrows, Sherry smiled cunningly. "Well, Iris's so smart, just like me. Ha ha ha..."

Gail was walking ahead with James, there was an awkward silence.

Gail heard the back three whispering and laughing in a low voice. Gail knew that they were going to make fun of her.

"Hey, what are you three talking about? Tell me, I want to be happy, too." Gail took this opportunity to break her and James' embarrassment.

"We are discussing where to eat. I haven't eaten anything good for a long time. Would you like to join us? Sherry shouted and the other two pursed their lips and snickered.

James stopped and turned around. "What do you want to eat? I'll ask someone to order it for us."

Hearing what he said, Gail was speechless and embarrassed. They were so good at taking advantage of the situation. It must be the scheme of Iris and Sherry.

"That's too kind of you. We just want to have a simple meal, you don't have to bother. The food near our school is delicious. " Suddenly, Iris' eyes lit up. "How about we eat hot pot? Hot pot is the best choice!" said Iris.

Gail rubbed her forehead in embarrassment.

James was just Gail's boss. It seemed that these young girls knew him wrongly.

"You just loved to eat hot pot, but others haven't said what to eat." Gail blamed Iris.

"I know a hot pot restaurant and it's very delicious. If you like it, we can go there now. It's very convenient." said James.

"Okay, we want to eat hot pot, too. Since we all agree, let's go " Iris leered at Gail and gave her the glad eye.

Gail was about to refute, but couldn't find a word to say.

"Well, are you busy? If you are busy, we will go. We can't influence your work. " In Gail's memory, James was quite busy recently, even every weekend, Raising his eyebrows, James laughed. "Well, you don't want me to go with you?"

"It's impossible. Gai always cares about others. But Mr. James, if you have something important to do, you can go ahead with your work. Work matters most. " Sherry said immediately and took Gail's arm and quietly touch her waist.

Gail knew that Sherry wanted to have dinner with him.

"No, I have time today. Let's go. My car is over there. " He laughed and pointed ahead.

Iris was so surprised, she covered her mouth and exclaimed in a low voice, "Wow! This is a limited edition luxury car!"

Gail gave her a reproachful look. It was disgraceful of Iris to do so.

Gail She was embarrassed, too. She shouldn't have agreed to their invitation, which made M. James laugh at her.

Soon they arrived at the hotpot restaurant. When they got out of the car, they saw the sign of the HDL restaurant. They were hungry at once.

As far as Gail knew, the other girls i

n her dormitory were quite generous, but they wanted to go to the HDL restaurant several times in a month, but they never go. They were overjoyed.

Gail still had to think about how to pay off James' favor then.

Gail turned her head and looked at her roommates behind her. They smiled tacitly. They must be saying something bad again.

James walked in front of them, said something to the waiter and took them to a private room. A hollowed out carved curtain separated the private room from the hall. The left one was open, and the right one was facing a window. The heating is on very high but not stuffy at all.

James sat beside Gail and said "As Gai's friend, it's my first time to meet you. It's my treat. Therefore, they could enjoy the dinner as they liked. "

"Okay, since you insist, we won't be polite. Iris clapped her hands and nodded to the other two girls with a satisfactory smile.

Looking at the three roommates in front of her, Gail thought they were trying to sell her to James. And the feeling was so strange. Gail felt it necessary to remind her roommates that Mr. James wasn't her boyfriend!

"Mr. James, I don't think it's a good idea. My roommates eat a lot. Don't be scared later," Gail looked at James with a smile. Actually she felt bitter.

James gave her a reassuring look. "Do you think that I couldn't pay my bills? You can eat whatever you want. "

Sherry was unhappy, "come on, Gai. James is a CEO and this restaurant isn't a Western-style restaurant. I think you have a good relationship with Mr. James, so you want to save some money for him. Is there anything wrong? " After saying that, Sherry winked and raised her eyebrows. It seemed that she meant something else.

"If you keep on talking nonsense like this, I'll hit you when we get back to the dormitory." Gail shook her little fist in anger. But she couldn't be too rude because of her cultivation.

James snickered.

He didn't expect that she was so considerate. In fact, he had thought that it would be not sincere to invite her roommates to have some food from the HDL restaurant. Now he felt relieved.

The four girls had a good time eating hot pot and had a good time chatting. Seeing that they were getting along with each other so well, James envied them a lot. Except Melissa who the daughter of the mayor, Gail is a very easy person to get along with and she was actually a very nice person.

The thought of Melissa gave James a headache. Recently, they had to discuss a project with the mayor, and the cooperation went smoothly. However, the mayor and Mr. Eason always hinted to James that Melissa particularly wanted to work for the RF Group. Although James didn't want Gai's troublemaker to come to work for the company, in consideration of the cooperation of the project, he had to agree to Melissa coming to work in the company.

He hadn't told Gai this yet, and he was worried that she might have some complaints against him for this. As a CEO, he was not supposed to care about the arrangement of position.

On the other hand, in the past half year, because of Julie's affairs, Gai always deliberately avoided him. Recently their relation is better than before, but now he was making trouble for Gai.

"What's wrong? Don't you like to eat hot pot? " Gai looked at him, confused. There was a trace of apology in her eyes.

He gave a bright smile and said, "nothing. I was absent-minded because I thought of something. "I'm sorry. Let's eat now. I also like hot pot."

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