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   Chapter 20 Playing With Snow

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 10031

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Soon, it was winter. The winter in the NF City arrived earlier than usual. It had just been middle October when a layer of thin ice covered the river of the QH Tidal Flats and snowy day. Birds were hovering over the river, and from time to time they let out a deep whine, as if telling people how hard it was to stay in winter. They were waiting for the fish to come out of the ice at any time, so that they could have a good meal.

Perhaps people here had been accustomed to such winter days a long time ago. Even it was snowy outside in a long time, there were still a young boy, wearing a thin wool shirt, running to the river to look for the fish trapped in stone crevices of the river. In fact, even people in the north were not used to the fishy smell, so they only caught fishes for fun. After the fish was placed in a small homemade plastic bag, When the bag was full, they were all released. Repeated this, and found some fun for your free time.

For Gail, this kind of game was her life-time bosom friend. In her childhood, her grandfather often took her to the river to catch fish. Because of the poverty, her grandfather and she had never set the fish free they caught, for they knew that a small fish was their most delicious dinner. Grandpa often put the fish he captured in a nearby tank, so they could have fresh fish every day. Every time it was time for dinner, Gail's grandfather would put the fish in the bowl of Gail while he only drank fish soup and had some pickles.

Nobody knew how difficult they had been in those days, and nobody knew how bitter the fish soup, salted vegetables and taste of food had been.

Gail often thought about these days, but she did not feel how miserable those days were. Although Gail did not have many clothes to wear, she felt more happiness than pain. Perhaps she was just a child at that time, and Gail did not imagine that adult life is always so boring and impatient.

Although days had changed, Gail felt empty inside, she couldn't know why she felt that way. "Maybe I've really grown up," she comforted herself.

Today, it snowed as usual in NF City. It was weekend, so Gail was in bed watching the shadow stealer, which she hasn't finished yet. Because of the cold weather, Iris and Sherry didn't go out.

"We haven't been together for a long time. Let's find Mary to play with snow." Said Iris suddenly.

"Oh my God It's so cold. I won't go. " Sherry said unwillingly.

"Come with me. Otherwise, you will be driven mad." Iris said with a sullen face, "Gai, let's go. Leave her alone." Iris continued.

"Iris, it's too cold. Besides, I haven't finished reading the novel yet." Gail said.

"Well, Gail, how could you be so selfish? We haven't been out for a long time. You have no intention of dating me at all. I have loved you for so many years." Said Iris while stamping her feet.

"Well, well, well, my beautiful, I will accompany you for a while, is that all right?" Said Gail with a smile.

"How about you invite Mr. James, your boss, to let me have a look?" Iris crawled to the bedside and looked at Gail silly.

"What? How can I ask him out? Do you think that he can date anyone?" Gail rolled her eyes at Iris.

"Hello, Gai, ask Mr. James to come here and let us see him. Don't be so mean." Sherry began to be anthomaniac as well.

"What are you doing? You're not coming with us." Iris couldn't help cursing Sherry.

"Who said I wouldn't go? Did you hear me? Did you hear me?" Sherry pointed at Iris and Gail, then Sherry said.

"Humph, a good man doesn't fight with a woman." Iris slightly waved her long hair and answered.

"Gai, come on. Just fulfill our grand wish." Pouting her lips, Iris shook Gail's arm like a little child.

"Okay, I can only give it a try. Anyway, no one is to kick up a fuss." Gail had no choice because of their persistence.

"Yes." After making a gesture of saluting, Iris turned her head and winked at Sherry who was standing behind her.

"Gai, what's up?" James' voice came from the other end of the line.

"I What are you doing? " Gail didn't know what to say.

"Oh, I have nothing to do, and I'm just about to find something to do."

"Well My friends want to hang out with us. Would you like to go with us? " Gail covered her fast beating heart with her right hand.

"Ah! It's so cold outside. Are you crazy?" James said with a smile.

"It's okay. If you don't want to go, then don't go."

"Who told you I wouldn't go? Tell me, when will you go out?"

As for James, playing with snow was a long time ago. His parents were still together at that time, and the three of them had happily caught fishes and played with snow by the bank of the QH Tidal Flats. After so many years, as time gone by, the man he once was is gone. All these years, James only cared about work. As for amusement, he had to go out to see a different world because of work.

Hearing that James promised without hesitation, Iris and Sherry picked up a broo

m in the corner and sang 'glorious time', which made Gail burst into laughter when she saw them being so disgraced.

Gail had never expected that James would say yes so easily. Gail looked out of the window at the big snow, feeling it for the first time in her life that the snow was so beautiful. She had never before noticed how snow could dust the pine trees. Well, what a great discovery it was! Gail could only blame herself for finding it so late.

"Well, we haven't called Mary yet." Iris suddenly jumped up from the chair.

"Iris, could you be quiet? You are a girl, don't be a man," Sherry provoked on purpose.

"Who did you say? Don't you want to walk down the stairs today?" With one of Iris' legs stepping on the chair, Iris pointed at Sherry sitting on the bed with her right hand.

"Sister, please forgive me. I'm afraid of you, ok? I'll call Mary. " Sherry changed the topic immediately.

"Mary, I got a great news for you. Do you want to know?"

"What good news? Are you getting married?" Mary laughed.

"Fuck off! We are going out. Are you interested? "

"That's great! I want to go out and play with snow! Why do you want to go out today?" Mary asked with surprise.

"Because the handsome guy are with us!"

"The handsome guy? Oh my God! What a lucky day! "

"Ha ha, Gai called her husband out." Sherry teased.

"What are you talking about?" Gail scolded.

"What? You mean James will come with us?" Mary opened her mouth wide.

"Yes. Do you feel unreal? To tell you the truth, Gai is so attractive." Sherry shouted to Gail.

"When are you going? I can't wait."

"Are you an idiot? I'll call you later."

The snow outside the window was getting heavier and heavier. The whole city was covered in the white snow, and even the most conspicuous moon tower was completely submerged in the heavy snow. There was not even a single car on the wide road of the XK Road, which was completely different from the previous bustling scene. If you walked to the middle of the road, you didn't have to worry about the traffic police. You should know in this season, the traffic police were probably still enjoying the wonderful dream on their cozy bed.

However, the snow didn't stop. Gail was worried. She was afraid that James would break the appointment because of the heavy snow. She would be embarrassed about it.

"Let's go, Gai." Iris shouted.

"Oh, I'm coming."

A few minutes earlier, James arrived at the bank of the QH Tidal Flats. He walked straight along the wheel print, leaving a series of footprints behind him. It looked like the footprints of a man who had escaped.

"James, you're here so early."

"I just arrived." Staring at the snow covered Gail's head, James gently wiped the snow off and forgot there was someone else.

The two girls didn't know that Gail and James were that close. They had thought that they were just colleagues. Now it turned out that things were not as simple as they thought. Their relationship was completely beyond their expectation. No wonder James agreed to come out with them when Gail called him. It turned out that they were more than friends.

They did not expect her to disguise herself.

"Oh, this is my girlfriend, Iris." Gail said.

"I've heard Gai talk about you a lot. It's my honor to see you." James said politely.

"Nice to meet you." Iris shook his hand nervously

"These are sherry and Mary." Gail introduced.

Gail introduced them to James, it was the first time for James to hang out with so many girls. He was not good at talking to girls, he didn't know what to say.

"How about we make a big snowman? We haven't played with snow together for so many years." Suggested Iris.

"That's a good idea. Let's make a snowman, three of us are in a group, Gai and Mr. James are in another group. Let's see who make a beautiful snowman." Then, Sherry deliberately assign Gail and James in the same group.

"It's not fair. Look at him! Do you think he can make a snowman?" Gail complained.

"Who told you I can't make a snowman?" James didn't think so.

"Now that Mr. James said so, we don't have to hesitate any more. Let's get started." Mary said.

Then they divided into several groups and began to make snowmen, which was a "difficult task". Iris, Mary and Sherry were arguing about what kind of snowman they were going to make.

On the other side, Gail and James found a plank and started to make a snowman. They did what they were supposed to do at the same time. The body of the snowman, head, arms, eyes, eyebrows...... When their four hands touched each other, they obviously felt nervous like never before.

Both of them knew what kind of snowman they would make, that was something they both noticed when they first met.

The three ladies gaped at the cute snowmen built by Gail and James. They wondered why Gail was so clever. Although she used to be so poor that she had no money to eat, now she made friends with the upper class.

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